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2013 MotoGP
Cile Wrote:Marquez is a future legend! 8-)
Of course! This is what I said when I saw him at the end of his 1st year in the 125cc world championship, I said to my friends and I wrote on the valpaso F1VB forum.
But in copying he is very good. He tried do that during qualifying or free practice and do the same as Rossi did in Jerez.
In 2008 there was only sand out of the kerb, now there's asphalt so now it's a little bit easy pass here than 5 years ago. Btw it's the better new rider in the top class since 2000.
The Desmosedici GP 08 seemed better than the 2013 M1: Stoner tried some lap to fight with Rossi before crash down. Valentino instead hadn't the possibility to do that because this year the Yamaha bikes are very slow on some tracks (see Cructchlow yesterday, he was slow; 4 RC213V on the top 5) or wear tires very hard and early.
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