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2013 MotoGP

As far as I remember, Stoner's main problem with the Ducati designs was the front suspension, Ducati always tried to improve it but they always managed to make it worse, Stoner then reverting back to the old one with which he felt comfortable with. Now I don't know all of the design plans Ducati have had in their mind but that's what our commentators always pointed out regarding his problems. And he hasn't had a decent teammate since Capirossi, Melandri ruined his career by going there and Hayden, like you said, there's not much to speak of regarding him. Also, the one doing testing for Ducati was the current team manager, Vittoriano Guareschi, a former Superbike rider so I guess they were using his feedback more than Stone's? Especially if the suspension story is true.
I guess we could argue about Lorenzo-Rossi thing over and over. But let's be frank, as you've said, you've just watched Rossi's beginning and he was doing stuff that could've resulted in nasty falls to take places and win. That was a young Vale, I'd expect stuff like that from Marc Marquez right now (although he seems to be somewhat mature this season), right now, Vale knows that a nasty fall, coupled with his age, could well make it harder to come back than earlier. Honestly, as much as I dislike him, I'd rather he's more patient as well, I'd hate to see him go out the way Mick Doohan did, even though I was more than happy to see my namesake Criville win the 1999 500cc Championship, it just wasn't the same without Mick.

About Ducati test riders there were Franco Battaini and Guareschi. But noone of them had enough experience with a MGP and of course they began to test for Ducati after the end of their career, so they almost always took 5 or 6" from the official riders. I think this can be a problem. Look instead to Nakasuga, last year at Valencia he finished on the podium with Yamaha and made good lap times, and consider Badoer that many times drove in Fiorano quicker than Schumi, Barrichello and Massa. So now Ducati have chosen Michele Pirro.
About the front susp Stoner had problems, he took again the old one and always used the hardest tire. He always raced with it for how many time: 2, 3 years? No more tests he did, even when he had problems in that way, he drove faster as he can but often he crashed. Valentino tried all the settings he could imagine but often it was the same and started to go slower to arrive 6th or 7th and avoid crashes.
Stoner hadn't a decent teammate because since he arrived the team didn't counted any other, also Capirossi. Checa arrived 3rd in his last race, if he had another year should do more things. Instead this year with the last Preziosi's gift, the 1199 Panigale, the no 'traliccio' with 'japanese' exhaust slowly undriveable bike he suffered 2 cranic traumas to try make it faster.
I remember Elias 2 consecutive times on the podium in front of Stoner with the Pramac privateer Ducati and Barros always with a Pramac's Desmosedici defeat him at Mugello for the 3rd pos.
Someone in Ducati thought Valentino could fix any problem instead of consider the problems and the innovation I said long and very difficult to fix.

Me too, I was happy for Crivillé. I think it was the 1st year I've seen almost each race of 500. Then I started to see SBK races too and I predicted to a my friend fan of Foggy, the retire of Fogarty as Doohan did (similar circumstances). Sad
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Never expected a 1-2 from Honda on a track that was supposed to be "Yamaha territory". Marquez's got guts though that move was a bit naughty. Still waiting for Rossi to get to grips with this Yamaha even though I still don't expect him to beat Lorenzo. Since he's moved on, Lorenzo has been making Yamaha his own.
Is it just me or should Bautista be the one backed by Honda's factory instead of Bradl?

Bautista many times did good results with an old Suzuki, it's not a surprise! Big Grin The problem is he need to be more consistent. But if we look at his 2nd year with Suzuki, as I said, I think in the next gp he can do that and improve more.
Bradl need to don't crash and do some result, at the contrary he risk the seat for the next year, as Smith.

The Moto2 bikes seems to be very difficult to ride and I think Cortese needs to improve step by step as Terol did (after 2 opaque years now he is at the top).

Cile Wrote:Since he's moved on, Lorenzo has been making Yamaha his own.
If I'm right Lorenzo used some new parts to do that some races before Rossi moved to Ducati. Btw at Jerez the M1s had great problems with tires and in general they seems to be a bit less competitive than RC213Vs. After sun I love Marquez! :lol:
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I'm kind of worried for Marquez, these kind of attacks show ambition and all and he does remind of a young Rossi in more ways than one but then again, he could've easly taken both of them out with that one.
I wouldn't worry about Bradl yet, he's a few races into this season and remember, he is HRC backed (instead of Bautista...). I wonder, when did it happen, that Cecchinello's team overtook Gresini's in the satellite Honda race?

Also, some drama involving Barbera after Jerez but that's almost a bit off-topic since it's about his personal life.

Apparently Pol Espargaro will be riding for Tech 3 Yamaha next year BUT, right now, I still can't believe what Marc Marquez is doing, this guy is hard to believe. If he goes on like this, I'll get bored in Moto GP again in the next few years (but at least I hope he stays on Repsol Honda).

Cile Wrote:(but at least I hope he stays on Repsol Honda).
Even if we see the bad M1 of the last 6 years! :x It's incredible now the official Yamaha bikes can stay behind the Ducati ones. Cry I don't know what happens, I think tire/electronic problems. But except Qat where HRC probably didn't know the bike at the max level the M1 seems slower than the Crutchlow one too.
I thought Pol Espargaro should haven't problems to win the championship 3 or 4 gp before the end but Redding is much more constant than before in his career.
Again 6 KTM engines dominated in Moto3 and Fenati couldn't be on the podium due to his slow bike. The same Antonelli who often crash to try get more with the FTR Honda.
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Il dottore lives! Big Grin

The Doctor today got what he served in 2008. Marquez is a future legend! 8-)

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