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Request: Can someone please make this custom futuristic F1 concept?
It's a pre-concept of how F1 would look like back in 2017 (its actually better than the real design).

Could be just one car, for basis for mods (I want to make a fictional mod like Super Monaco GP but i dont know how to model something like this from scratch).

Pictures (with and without closed cockpit/canopy):

[Image: echoes-of-a-nearby-future-part-deux-by-a...beeke1.jpg]

[Image: echoes-of-a-nearby-future-part-deux-by-a...beeke2.jpg]

[Image: echoes-of-a-nearby-future-by-andries-van-overbeeke1.jpg]

[Image: echoes-of-a-nearby-future-by-andries-van-overbeeke2.jpg]

[Image: echoes-of-a-nearby-future-by-andries-van-overbeeke3.jpg]

[Image: echoes-of-a-nearby-future-by-andries-van-overbeeke4.jpg]

[Image: echoes-of-a-nearby-future-by-andries-van-overbeeke6.jpg]

[Image: echoes-of-a-nearby-future-by-andries-van-overbeeke7.jpg]

[Image: echoes-of-a-nearby-future-by-andries-van-overbeeke8.jpg]

[Image: 0b77a4a63be8c3871ce38b51_rw_1920.jpg?h=c...46aae96f77]

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