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Welcome to our world!
You're welcome!
Welcome back JPM! Big Grin
JuanParido Wrote:Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste.
I've been around for a long, long year, in RaceSimulations soul and head.
I was formerly called JuanithoF1 and JuanPaF1, and I'm glad to meet you back.

Regards, fellas Wink


Welcome back! ;D

pro-raver Wrote:maybe the feeling i had will return.
I hope so! ;D
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[Image: Targhe.gif]
Welcome back JuanPa Big Grin
How come Avril Lavigne is on your avatar lexie? Tongue
3tec Wrote:How come Avril Lavigne is on your avatar lexie? Tongue
And ur nickname is similar to sk8r boy? :lol:
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[Image: Targhe.gif]
1. I like her music
2. She's hot

That's about it xD

And my name has nothing to do with that song xD I use it because my name is Alex and I'm a boy xD
Also sounds like the lazyboy FMX trick! 8-)
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[Image: Targhe.gif]
Eem the singer of Sum 41 was married with Avril, but they finally broke the relationship Tongue
Dude.. They broke up in 2009 xD Some songs of their latest album (Screaming Bloody Murder) were about Deryck's relationship with Avril.

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