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Welcome to our world!
He's in Facebook, but here not. Anyway i want give the welcome to Crashking, DMarques and Frentzen127, important members in the old racesimulations and we hope you could contribute to improve the forum and to grow hereafter.

Kind Regards,
As I have posted in my edited message before, I found him. We are still missing Giermol, KV and Raul, though.

BTW, we can be proud of our start: No spammers advertising their BS, and no adinasa wandering around :mrgreen:
In theory KV is working in a F1 2008 mod, and Raul i don't think he want return......
@3tec: They're still hoping RS goes online again Tongue And I'm glad I don't have to be banning spammers and removing their posts everytime -_- Got really tired of that..
Markus told me Ivo plans to update RS to phpBB3. Hope he minded a better anti-spambot protection, too...
Fortunately, another member from RS sucessfully made his way here. His name is Yuri aka
lotusmania! Big Grin
I saw Big Grin

And about Ivo; Neel said that Ivo told him he had lost his interest in RS.. So don't expect anything.. Don't think the site will ever come online again. Maybe when Ivo makes someone else Admin, but I doubt that..
Why don't we try to look for the future instead of seeing the past?? seriusly i'm tired, very tired.....
Hey, I'm Pro-raver was an old member on more hated then loved and probably still ;D
im 23 years old and living in the Netherlands, lost my interest in F1C and older games after RH made it impossible to download their mods, maybe the feeling i had will return.
I wanna be a rebel no longer wanna hide, i wanna loose control and dance all night !
Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste.
I've been around for a long, long year, in RaceSimulations soul and head.
I was formerly called JuanithoF1 and JuanPaF1, and I'm glad to meet you back.

Regards, fellas Wink


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