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Welcome to our world!
Simply: This is a topic where the newly registered users can introduce themselves.

For me:
My name is Georgi (George). Im from Bulgaria and Im from the former Racesimulations forum. Many of you may know me better than myself. :lol:

By the way nice forum. Smile
George, Vettel is faster than you! Please do not be devil!
Big Grin Welcome Georgi
Hi boys

I'm logged in

Valpaso75 Wrote:Hi boys

I'm logged in


hehe Smile
Hi.. I'm willya. I'm from Indonesia.... Big Grin
Is it a new site for If yes, why change the site?
Hi all,

My name is Robby, I'm 25 years old and I come from The Netherlands. Of course, in the world of Sim Racing, I'm better known as schumacher180. Let's hope that this community will grow fast and that it will become as popular, if not more popular, as ;D

@willya: The server of broke down in December 2012, that's why the site hasn't gone back online and that's also why this new site has been made. It's great, isn't it? Smile
Welcome Schumacher180! Smile
Hello all.

I really missed you guys and the site. Yes, I was absent for a while and when I returned, the link to our original site just didn't work. I tried for months but to my dismay. I really chanced upon a site made by fisicof1 and then subsequently found these sites.

Can anyone tell me what exactly happened to our original site? Ivo isn't even replying


welcome and hello another time Neel! Big Grin
Hey guys Tongue

I'm Lexieboy, and just as Robby I come from the Netherlands. On I used to be moderator, just like I'm here. I hope this community can grow as big as the old RS. For now I'm happy to see all of you guys again Smile Just wish I could help with the development of the site as I was promised..

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