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F1 1986 Season (by Cherry and David M.)
F1 1986 Season V0.1 by Cherry and David M.

Teams  Credit
Ferrari F186 Cherry
McLaren MP4/2C Cherry

Wheels and Rims
All tyres and rims created and used with permission by Prairie.
Rim Logos and some special designs created by David M.

Engine sounds made by Sky and sound effects taken from F1C

Tracks  Credit
Jacarepagua: Carrera.4
Jerez:  Carrera.4
Imola:  TTTTT (Converted and updated by David M. and mrjglo)
Monaco:  Carrera.4 (Converted and updated by David M.)
Spa:  F1C (Sponsors updated by David M.)
Montreal: MotorFX/SamAlex
Detroit: Carrera.4
Le Castellet: Carrera.4/MotorFX/SamAlex
Brands Hatch: Virtua_LM
Hockenheim: Carrera.4 (Converted and updated by David M.)
Hungaroring: F1C (Sponsors updated by David M.)
Zeltweg: GPC/SamAlex
Monza:  Carrera.4 (Converted and updated by David M.)
Estoril: Carrera.4 (Converted by Frentzen127)
Mexico:  Carrera.4
Adelaide: Carrera.4 (Converted by Frentzen127 and updated by David M.)

Team Helmets: Valiante (models and textures), Fabrizio68 (textures)
Team Uniforms: Eddie, David M., Cherry
Team BKs: David M.
Team Icons: David M.
Track LODs: David M.

Special Thanks

Known Bugs
-Random CTD when running many races in a row (Trace indicates missing SLOT###)
***If anyone knows how to fix any of these bugs, please let us know

Terms Of Use
Enjoy this mod to the fullest, that's all. If you want to convert or use this
as a base to create other cars, you're welcome in doing so as long as the
appropriate credit is given to the respective authors of the files you are
using. You can find all authors in this file

1) Backup and delete any other 1986 mods from F1C for this mod to work properly
2) Download and install the updated versions of the following default circuits: Monaco, Hungary, Spa -->
3) Extract all files from F1 1986 Season.exe to F1C installation directory
4) Wait for 86Setup.bat to autorun (This will add driver names to game.dic and insert all 86 team pit walls in logomap.mas)
5) Run F1 Challenge 99-02.exe and enjoy the ride!34lHUSQQ!n6lVUEDoUvaOt...f9eVQhyz3M
This stuff... looks like a standard rFactor2 download announcement.

(No intention to offend, David. I'm just surprised with this release.)
(11-04-2018, 08:17 PM)Cristian Luis Wrote: This stuff... looks like a standard rFactor2 download announcement.

(No intention to offend, David. I'm just surprised with this release.)

Not sure what you're trying to say Cristian, whether it's good or bad... this mod will take many years to complete. Cherry is working by himself making the cars from scratch and wanted people to start enjoying his hard work as it was available. If this way of releasing stuff offends anybody, I'm very sorry... I'm sure most would be happy to get the content as it's available than have to look at a thread on a forum for many years waiting anxiously for the release. In any case, "this stuff" is free, so not sure what there is to complain about.  

What I had tried to comment is that the download reminded me of what is common practice in modern racing simulators nowadays (such as AC, rF2, iRacing and more): here is/are one/two/three cars, and enjoy the ride... which is really sad. Times where a complete package was within the PC hardcore racing simulator game (such as F1C, GTR2, Grand Prix Legends...) are now gone (it seems).

I'm not dissapointed at all by the mod itself. Just the way the 1986 mod has been published reminded me of rFactor2 and its release content procedure... and for a brief moment, I felt really disappointed and cold (because of the memories about how actual sim-racing creators release new stuff to the public; the feelings I described before have nothing to do with this mod or its modders). Smile

About 1986 mod... I'm still surprised because of this release. Is not common of you to publish anything until a complete status (v1.0) is reached for you, guys.

Kind regards,
For the 1st time in my life, I installed unfinished season mod in my game, 'cos curiosity started to get the better of me!

And my god, was it worth it!

Once finished, this mod will be the best ever! The McLaren and Ferrari are unbelieveably beautiful!

And, much to my surprise (pleasant one, too!) pretty easy to drive!

Now I've got another, unexpected problem! I just can't wait for the whole mod! Especially Benetton!

Keep it up guys, it is already fantastic!
Ideally, it is good to release all cars as they are completed. but it is better for me to release little by little because the pressure is low. The 1986 cars this time are probably influenced by the recent race sim such as AC or rf2. If it is about the same quality as 1989 mod, I can finish the car faster. but Then I will not be motivated. I know that FPS is very heavy in the quality of the car now and I have to reduce more polygons but this time I want to make the cars more real and detailed. I may be self-satisfied, but this time I would like to go with that policy.

thank you for comment and compliment. It was worthwhile to have worked hard to say so. Benetton is a source of trouble. paint is very difficul !! Actually some person ( i can't say the name still yet) are making Benetton. but I don't know the progress. if it goes well benetton may be released soon.
That is fantastic cherry!

But please, take your time, I'm not rushing you or anyone else into anything!

I just know the wait will be worth while, no matter how long!

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