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PitStopStrategies with fuel consumption off
Me again with a funny problem...

I am currently playing with the setting "Fuel consumption off". In addition, I have defined the pit stops of all drivers in the gdb files of the individual tracks under PitStopStrategies. But now it's the case that all AI drivers drive into the pits in the first few laps to "refuel" and then don't drive into the pits for the rest of the race. In the first few laps pit stops are made at random. It also seems to be different every time I start a race on the same track with the same settings...

Does anyone know a solution? Or is there perhaps another possibility for races without refuelling, as has been the case since 2010?
I remember that some of the 201x mods (like 2012 VMT and others) had that not refuelling AI strat working ok. The main thing was that AI had more than enough fuel for the whole race at the start on x1 usage. Also if you put race strategy in gdb file remember to set mech damage at selected season in rules tab, otherwise game won't read them.
Did the AI opponents still make pit stops to change tyres or did they not make any stops at all? In principle, I want to enter the pit stops in the gdb file as they were made in reality. That's how it should be implemented in the game, without fuel playing a role in any way. Just like in reality :-)
Sorry for the double post Sad

Another approach:

Does anyone know where the information about how the amount of fuel in the car affects the speed is hidden? Or where the information is stored about how heavy the fuel actually is? Setting this value to 0 would solve the problem that refuelling has an effect on the course of the race.

I'm currently playing around with some values in engine and hdv files, but haven't found what I'm looking for yet..
Now it's even a triple post, but I need your help and have new discoveries.

If you play with fuel consumption off and leave everything under PitStopStrategies in the track gdb-file empty (delete all entries), the opponents never go into the pits. If you enter the strategies as usual, they seem to stick to the number of stops, but get them over as early as possible.


Here is an excerpt from a gdb file (Hungary):

    Sebastian Vettel = 2 - 15,31
    Mark Webber = 1 - 43

With these entries Sebastian Vettel drives into the pits in laps 2 and 3 (and "refuels"). Mark Webber drives into the pits in lap 4. After that they finish the rest of the race without pit stops.

Although the fuel consumption is set to "off", the cars do refuel, at least according to the HUD. I haven't yet been able to find out if this has a weight-related effect.

What could be the reason for this behaviour of the AI opponents? How do I get this under control? And where is the weight of the fuel located?

Any ideas? I am still at a loss. It drives me crazy... Huh

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