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Game wide steering assist bug which slows up cars at the wrong time
So I am probably one of those few who still utilize the steering assist which F1 challenge allowed. What I would like to ask is if anyone knows how to fix, or at least why does the ai and your car when using auto steering slow down at strange points on a track? This is not just with mod tracks, but is something that happens on the stock tracks which come with the game by default. The worst offenders I have found with this issue are Monza, Silverstone, Imola, and Hockenheim all the way up to 2001. Basically if you set your steering assist to the F12001 configuration in the player file, the assist works for the most part, however, when you enter corners of straights which are not perfectly straight such as the first sector on the old Hockenheim, the car will for no reason at all just slam on the brakes as if it was afraid that it would lose control. The best way to reproduce this potential bug is to set your auto steer to F12001 style in the player file, and then choose a track like Silverstone, which is a perfect example of what I am talking about. You will come flying into Stowe corner for example, end then on the exit you will slow down for no reason at all. All of which is happening well before the Club Corner chicane's braking point. If anyone knows why or how to fix this issue, please do let me know as I for the love of me, cannot figure out why or how to fix this issue in one of the greatest F1 games ever made in my opinion. Huh
First of all when using steering help open your PLR file and change steering help functionality value:

Steering Help Functionality="0" // 0 = new help, 1 = new help + grip, 2 = original F1 2001, 3 = original + grip

0 - new help only is the best cause it helps "realistically" Big Grin by increasing steering angle when needed not adding fake grip like game default "1"

Secondly turn off braking help because most probably this is the reason of that hampering on the straights
I may have accidentally misworded what I said, what I mean by steering assist was the auto steer function that they kept from F12001. In which all you would need to do was control the accelerator and the brakes if you wanted to. That when set to just the F2001 confit causes this issue. Yet when I play F12001 with the auto steer in full this does not happen, and all of the circuits I mentioned are both in F12001 and F1 challenge 99-02. Yet in F12001, there is no suddenly braking at the wrong time, it is all very fluent and problem free.

Yes I know, I’m one of those players who doesn’t have a proper setup yet. Probably won’t for quite a while if I’m honest.

By proper setup I mean that I have a wheel and potentially a set of foot pedals to use instead of keys.
Most of the players use keyboard even in our mulitplayer revival league, and honestly driving with without assist is not a big deal in F1C. Give yourself a chance disallow that stupid steering/braking helps, you can easily setup the car to be stable and fun to drive even on keyboard.

There you have big setups megapacks and setup tutorials :
Not all of those setups are good but thats the case with megapacks i guess Big Grin Anyway for default 99-02 i strongly reccomend trying out TKD pack (only slight change on TKD setups i often do is lowering the steer. lock below 14)
Cheers Big Grin

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