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Changing weather during a Session
Hello, everybody,

in the gdb file of a track there are many things to adjust. Among other things also the weather situations for the individual sessions.

There is also the possibility to change the weather during a session. I have seen two ways of doing this:

Lap = x
Conditions = xxx

Minute = x
Conditions = xxx

None of the variants seems to work properly. If I set the rain for a certain lap, it comes much too early in the race. Same when I say the minute.

Does anyone here know the trick or can you help me?   Maybe I'm missing something.  
Maybe time doesn't start counting at the start of the race?  

Thank you so much!
Are your race length settings in game at 100%?

Mine are set at 50% and it comes much earlier than I anticipated.
The race length is in my options on 100%.

The gdb file of the season contains:

 RaceLaps = 50
 RaceTime = 120

The fact that there is RaceLaps at 50 also surprises me, because in the game also the 100% are used. I had the feeling with previous random samples that using "Minute" always works better than "Lap". RaceTime is also correct with 120 minutes. Unfortunately, the weather still comes approximately 10 minutes earlier than expected.

A guess of mine is still that the rain, if I set it e.g. to minute = 20, does not only begin then but has its climax so to speak and already starts a few laps earlier as "drizzle".

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