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A question about ripples in circuits
Hello everyone,

  I would like to know, if possible, how I can reduce the ripples that a circuit has. Do you have to modify only the .MTS files or the Terrain.ini file? Or do we have to change both? 

I would like to know this because I want to reduce the ripples in some circuits. 

Thanks if anyone can respond.
Hi cecelo, i remember driving on some strange versions of probably Laguna Seca and A1-Ring that had that strange ripple feeling and it turned out that on the gdb file, few added lines of track variables caused the issue, most importantly RoadBumpAmp(litude) and RoadBumpLen(ght). Hope that will help Tongue
Skandre7 thanks for the answer.

I would like to take the ripples of some circuits like: Osterreichring and Zandvoort (that version of 79). 
In these two circuits the ripples are very bad.

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