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Multiplayer revival: Fun League
(02-22-2019, 01:03 AM)Adventure0 Wrote: Hi. Can I Join?

Hi, of course  Big Grin  Entry list on the first page will be updated before the next race so dont worry, practice server before the F1 race should be up today or tomorrow.  You can also join our discor group to be up to date with announcements Cheers Cool
Yo, I saw the entry list. I would like to drive the BAR. See you tomorrow!
(08-22-2018, 07:09 PM)skandre7 Wrote: Hi guys

Few months ago after Poochihead and Bande87 uploaded Pietrekks's modified .exe along with gamepack on several forums, F1 Challenge 99-02 multiplayer was brought back to life. After succesful first season we're starting season2 on 2005RH mod. There will be also an  Australian V8 league and maybe GP2.

All needed downloads F1 2005:
MEGA link 2005 League Mod v1.0.4
Mediafie link 2005 League Mod v1.0.4
terrain fix  paste into seasondata circuits replace the old one

*Updated mod contains stable setup in default player's files, great to use as a base for fine tuning* Big Grin

V8 Supercars 2004
V8 Supercars mod

Basic Rules:
Qualy 15 mins 107% PP time rule, Race Lenght 30%, Fuel usage x3, Tire usage x2
Driving assists : TC High, Clutch and Auto-Shifitng, 1 Obligatory pit stop, Mechanical Damages ON 50% multiplier
Race Day : Saturday, Start of Qualy at 19:00 GMT (16:00 BRT, 20:00 CET), next race - Round 4 Nurburgring, Germany 23.02.2019

Race results Standings Calendar

Current drivers list    
Ferrari -  BIGMEKK / free
Williams -  Roylt2 / free
McLaren -  Scuderia_Ethan / Kimi Raikonen
Renault -  The Editor / Pietrekk
BAR -  Bence Valdinger / free
Sauber - Victor Fermin / FelipeMassa19
Red Bull - Lucas Miranda / free
Toyota - Poochihead / Dojo
Jordan- En3migo_2K / free 
Minardi - Julies11 / Hungarian Player

Join our discord group -

Please share your opinions and reply if you would like to join. Cheers Big Grin

Hi, I would like to go to Red Bull, I'm in the discord group:Barnabas Rozsavolgyi
I want to apply full-time driver for Sauber
I want to apply full-time driver for Williams.
Hi guys Late Season update with Bonus Final Round is ready

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