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Multiplayer revival: Fun League
(09-01-2018, 12:44 PM)skandre7 Wrote: Hi ElWarrior, second seat in Jaguar is yours Wink

Guys i've checked mirrors and the rear view was wrongly displayed in Malaysia, Silverstone and Austria. This link will fix it Big Grin
Just copy SCN files into corresponding track folders

I was about to mention that there was a problem with the mirrors... Tongue
 I'm interested to join with Sauber also I have an issue with mega, it times me out all the time can you please help me. Thanks
I would like to join for some races (when I have time) with Jordan
Hi flintey and deokastyler i will add you to the entry list for the next race in Bahrain next Saturday Wink

Anyway guys todays race was full of incidents and Leagues jury meeting is deciding on post race penalties, official results will be announced tomorrow Big Grin
The results have finally arrived Big Grin

Malaysian race official standings after 14 laps:

1st Bande87                        22:59.280        14/14
2nd Skandre7                     +0:01.766        14/14
3rd MMXEX*                       +0:04.885        14/14
4th En3MiGo_2k SF1*        +0:11.260        14/14
5th Poochihead*                +1:11.388        14/14
6th pietrek                         +1lap                 13/14
7th Kimi Raikkonen             +1lap                 13/14
8th ElWarior                       +1lap                 13/14
9th AzSchmy                      DNF                   1/14
10th I Mephisto                  Accident             1/14

MMXEX - added 10s penalty for causing the collision with Skandre7
En3MiGo_2k SF1 - added 20s penalty for causing the collision with pietrekk
Poochihead - added 5s penalty for causing the collision with Bande87

ElWarrior - Warning for dangerous return to the track in front of the pack on first lap
pietrekk - Warning for dangerous overtaking maneuver on Skandre7

Incident between AzSchmy Poochihead and I Mephisto is considered as "racing incident" with no penalties for the drivers
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hi cai join f1 2004 ferrari? Cool Cool Cool Cool

I would like to race in Bahrain with the Minardi.
(09-07-2018, 05:37 PM)Seb Vettel Wrote: Hi,

I would like to race in Bahrain with the Minardi.

Hi Seb, good to see you, Minardi will be happy Big Grin
I would like to join with a toyota, to compete in Bahrain.
Hello! I am new here and I am interested in running, if possible I would like to take the webber jaguar thank you very much for receiving me :3

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