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Last question, replays?
I'm using the 2002 season in the stock game. I've been recording replays in Race mode and Test mode no problems. When I watch the replay back, I start in my cockpit view.

However, I started doing a championship and find any replay from championship doesn't load my car but loads me in the cockpit of David Coulthard. I have to then cycle through the cars to get to mine and once I do I don't have the option for cockpit view. I can only do tv cockpit view and the proper cockpit view only works in Coulthard's car. Coulthards car appears to be seen as the player car by the game and my actual car appears to be treated as just another AI car. Why is this happening? Can it be fixed?
Try to add a new profile to game, and check if you have graphics on full. Might be simply a game bug that didnt record properly a replay.
Thanks but doesn't make a difference. I also tried a standalone mod and same thing happens in championship. Might be an operating system thing or just something specific on my system. Really odd it only happens in championship mode and replays from test/race work as they should.

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