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Team Orders in F1C
Hey, this is my first post in this forum.

I played and learned a lot about the game a few years ago an now and then, I still enjoy playing.
But there is one thing I really don't like and until today I could not figure out, how to change this: Team orders in F1 Challenge.

Whenever the "second driver" of a team is in front of the "first driver" and the first driver is close enough, the second driver will let him pass. On the other hand, if the second driver is behind the first driver, he will not really attack or try to pass him. Even when the second driver is lapping the first driver, this will sometimes end in a loop of the drivers letting each other pass.

Does anyone know, if there is a line in the plr file or maybe elsewhere to change this AI behaviour? I tried and searched but I could'nt find anything.

Hoping for good news  Shy
I think that isn't any possiblity to do that.
I'm afraid so, but I'm not giving up hope yet.
Maybe somebody has an idea!
My guess is that it's in the "default.scp" that is mentioned in the driver files. "scp" is probably short for "script", and given that no files with that name can be found I'm pretty sure the script is included within the EXE source code.
Interesting approach. This "default.scp" file has always interested me, because I work and adapt a lot in the rcd files. I'll see if I can find out anything about it.
Nice that people are helping others Smile.
Good evening!

Well, the default.scp was not the right path. I just removed the "Script line"/ erased the "default.scp" from all rcd files and exactly nothing has changed.
I would have expected a CTD and had a little hope that there might be something new in the trace file, but unfortunately nothing...

Nevertheless I am thankful for the suggestion, because at least that solved the riddle around this line: It is useless  Rolleyes .

I am grateful for further suggestions.

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