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I'm trying to covert a track to another season...
...using this:

Sadly, with no success. It should be fairly straightforward, but i can't seem to get it to work.
Specifically, i want to copy the Hungaroring from either the 2004RH or the 2005RH trackpack, to the 2003RH season. 
Neither seem to be working.

Am i missing something?
You need to edit track gdb in order to show it on selection screen, but to add track to season championship you need to edit your 2003RH.gdb file in Scene Order section. Remember to put space after comma in first case so it will look like this :

Filter Properties = 2005RH, 2003RH, 19xx whatever Big Grin, 1800, ....
RaceLaps = 70
Attrition = 16

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