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Engine/hdv update by Dimaster
I made an HDV&engines update/mod for F1 Challenge 99-02 and I want to share my work with others. For now I'd like to post the mod for 99-02 seasons to see how it'll go, but I made this update for seasons 81-08.

This update is not changing any graphics or sounds, just physical characteristics of the cars by modifying the key parameters (downforce, weight, drag, etc.) in their .HDV and engine files.

The damage, gearbox, .PM and .TBC files from original game should be used, so you should have them. My .HDV and engine files are based on the game's original ones.
My work consisted of doing a research about car caracteristics (weight, number of gears, RPM, etc.) then putting into .HDV and engine files
and testing on the tracks to get results close to the real ones.

Here is the link for my work:
I'm not a pro of mediafire, so if you can't find or download the link, please let me know.

This is my first mod, so if there is any kind of problem, feel free to contact me at Race4Sim forum.
Seasons 1981-2008 to come! ENJOY Wink

Thanks a lot!
Thank you Smile

Here is the link on the Homepage:
Hi Dimaster, good work.  Smile Smile Smile
I would like to know if you have some tutorial on these two files (HDV and Engine) because I want to learn a little more about them. Thanks
Thank you! Big Grin

Actually I wasn't using any tutorials to make my update, but searching a bit, I found this one:
It's long, but very detailed and complete and decribes not only hdv and engine but also tires, gear rations, suspention, damage.

The key parameters are mass, drag, negative lift of wings and diffuser in HDV; and torque and RPM in Engine.

Hope it'll help you. Regards
Hey Dimaster could you also post (maybe in excel) difference beetwen your values and default game values ?
Sorry, I don't have the old files now and it'll take a lot of time to record all these parameters. But I can tell you that for these seasons I decreased cornering by 0.10-0.20g and I increased the top speed by 5-10 km/h.
Also, maybe you noticed that the engines are almost identical, that's because I increased body drag for slower cars. 
Presently, I'm working on these seasons so that top speed will depend more on engine torque.

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