Poll: In how far should leeching be allowed?
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No way, of course not allowed!
5 38.46%
Combined part permits
6 46.15%
Legalization of leeching!
2 15.38%
Total 13 vote(s) 100%
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The legendary leeching question. [READ MESSAGE FIRST!]
If it doesn't contain any part of the original mod, I don't see any problem with it. If you however use some files from the original mod without permission, it's still leeching and thus not allowed.
WEG Wrote:
fisicoF1 Wrote:
WEG Wrote:I've got a question, and I think it's best placed in this thread. If I make an update for another mod, do I have to have permissions by the author, or may I upload it so, because it's made for his mod and has a bit of his base, but also can be used with other mods(e.g. performance)
As we all know for now it's not allowed to upload stuff without permission Wink
I meant, this is to be used with a mod, but does not use content of this mod.
There is no difference between a Mod and the content of a Mod Tongue It's done by others and it's in fact IN the Mod itself so actually you're speaking about the same stuff Wink
As the poll has been closed by the system, we've got a result from this:
  • No Leeching: 5 Votes
  • Combined part permits: 6 Votes
  • Leeching allowed: 2 Votes

That means that tomorrow another vote will start, giving you the option to choose between the different part permits and allowing one of them.

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