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Imola 2011 old WIP Project
Good Morning,

i would like to show you my old WIP Project : Imola 2011. I build the new Street and new Pit Building. It based on the original F1c Imola track.

[Image: sssssssssss.jpg][Image: ssss.jpg][Image: sssssss.jpg][Image: 2011_LOD.jpg][Image: 2011_LOD_2.jpg]

Tell me please if you have interest to help me, to drive the circuit etc. thanks
I can do some test drives on keyboard and/or steering wheel ; )
Still wondering why you never released it Tongue
Looks really good, if you ever decide to update it to the current 2018 layout with the new rumble strips and release it, I'm sure that it would be amazing.

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