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The ultimate solution to play F1 Challenge '99-'02 in Windows 7 or later
During these last days, I have installed Windows 10 Months ago, I tried to use the Logitech G920 in F1 Challenge '99-'02. It didn't work.

...until I discovered a post from Ical_Everon in NoGripRacing forums:

Ical_Everon Wrote:Hi guys,

This is the way I run F1C in win 7 64-32 without problem,
mods works fine, track mods could saved replays, and NO distorted sounds:

Download Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit

Instal it then run Compatibility Administrator:
Click New to create custom Compatibility - give a name, or directly rename current new profile (New Database(1)).
Click Fix - give a name, choose .exe - clik Next.
Make sure all compatibility mode choice is uncheck in 'Create new Application Fix' window, click Next.
This is it --> check (enable) only EmulateHeap, click Next - Finish.
Click Save - give a name, choose location folder.
Click File -> instal.
Close Compatibility Administrator.

And [strike]F1 Hero[/strike] F1 Challenge '99-'02 worked like a charm, without using Windows 95/98 compatibility mode.

But not the Logitech G920. The input device was not compatible with F1C in that configuration. This turned out to be a big problem, because I had the impression that [strike]F1 Hero[/strike] F1 Challenge '99-'02 was impossible to play with nowadays steering wheels for sim-racing. In conclusion, running F1C with Win95/98 configuration mode will become obsolete and unviable because of software evolution and the apparition of new sim-racing wheels in the future.

Now we are on the present again.

I discovered that (at the moment) without Matrox Cards, the maximum possible resolution is 1600x1200. I am searching a way to make F1C work in 1920x1080 resolutions. Not success to this day yet.

And I discovered the replacement of Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit: 
Windows Assessment and Deployment Toolkit.

This is the tool you need to install and configure in Windows 8 or later.

Everything works for me. Logitech G920 works for F1 Challenge '99-'02. And most of the actual sim-racing steering wheels works too.

But I need YOUR feedback.

Is this really the ultimate solution?

This is in your hands.

Please, try my step-by-step guide for playing F1 Challenge '99-'02 without compatibility configurations. This is my first version of it.!NkFU2CQa!gU1o3TMIu8jpn...BNm4lnC9A0

Best luck.

Cristian Luis.
This is gold man.
I'm running the game on Win 7 and all the mods were crashing but no problem with Original game, I downloaded 3 or 4 mods thinking it's the problem of the mod.
Tested the game on different compatibility mods, but it didn't help.
This solution made it work.
Thanks for posting this.
need helped please because I am window 8.1
Works wor Windows 8 too. Also in Windows 10 and the later versions to come. Wink
(03-21-2018, 10:46 AM)webtel92 Wrote: need helped please because I am window 8.1

(03-22-2018, 08:24 AM)Cristian Luis Wrote: Works wor Windows 8 too. Also in Windows 10 and the later versions to come. Wink

I need much clearer instructors so can do it right with out making mistakes. it takes me longer to understand to what to do  Rolleyes
When you give a name during the process,it can be anything or the actual name of the exe?

I mean,the .sbd archive needs the same name of the .exe or the main file of the game or it can be any other name like "dggdgsfgdg" for example?

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