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F1c 1986 Season
Sorry for my late response, I've recently been a little bit busy and i've also been celebrating my 25th birthday.

What can I say about the Williams... lovely, I love it!!!
The only thing I think that has a little bit margin of improvement, is the yellow part of the Williams, in front of the cockpit. Maybe is an optical effect, but it gives the feeling that, in front of Mobil1 logo, the yellow part "goes down", like doing a curve (I don't know how to explain this), and in reality it "goes straight" like in these pics:

And the blue colour in real life seems to be a little bit darker, but apart from these little details, the car is absolutely stunning!! Really a piece of art, congratulations for your awesome work, and thank you once more for your devotion!! Really loved to see these pics, best wishes! <3
hi Sudden. watch below pics
[Image: 4.jpg]
if it is so, I know it but maybe my mapping is bad this part has "curve".
Hi Cherry!! Exactly, that remarked point is exactly what I meant in the previous post.
It's a very little detail, almost nothing compared to the rest of the car, car which is perfect Big Grin but I thought it would be a good idea to say it (just in case), in order to make it even closer to the perfection.

Thank you very much, it's always a pleasure to see your cars Big Grin Cheers
Hi all. I have to apologize to everyone this time.
I said till end of this year I will release williams but I can’t keep my promise because I am very busy with real life and I can't have the time to do modding in December.
at present I don't know when I will resume the modding work. the progress of williams is 80% complete. the rest of work is mainly the cockpit.
I will release it as soon as possible, then please wait while and give me some time.

Yeah, real life does have this nasty habit of getting in the way of things, doesn't it? Big Grin 

Seriously, don't worry dude, no problem, whenever it's ready, we'd be grateful!
Ohhhhh, don't worry Cherry!! Real life always comes first, and I think we all have a lot to thank you!

Good luck, and best wishes! Big Grin
Having some fun with this beauty Big Grin MP4-2C

[Image: GRAB-00044.png]
[Image: GRAB-00442.png]
[Image: GRAB-003-1986.png]

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