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F1c 1986 Season
Ohhh god I didn't see the McLaren!! It's gorgeous, really a very good work from the great Cherry, once more!! As I said, I fall off my chair hahahaha congratulations!! To see these cars in game will be a pleasure.
Meanwhile... I will stay tuned for more pics of this beautiful project, and... waiting for these possible good news that Cherry mentioned.

Best wishes to all, and congratulations to Cherry once more Big Grin
Hi Cherry, 
Hi Cherry, I have in a tutorial an explanation of how to do this configuration of the steering wheel lights. But there's a little problem ... it's in Portuguese. Does it still suit you?  Smile Smile Smile
Thank you cecelo.
but Cristian Luis already explain me how to put led on.

hi all.
now I have another question. today I reduced the polygon of ferrari. but all except diverbody and helmaet have about 100000 poly but there is still margin for reduction.
I want to ask everyone there. What is the mod having most number of polygons per car in the F1c mod being released now?
This time I want to make as high a quality mod as possible. and then I think that it is based on the mod which has the largest number of polygons.
Hello Cherry, hello everyone!!

Maybe it's a very noob question from my side, but... how can I know the number of polys of a car?
At the moment, all I can say at the moment is: in my opinion, the heavyest mods I've played, are 1982 by Neiln1, race by race, and 1992 converted by David Marques. 82 mod is heavy in general, specially in the first laps, and 92 mod is heavy in first laps, later fps increases enough for a good playing.

I don't know how many polys they have, but they are the 2 mods "super heavy" I know so far.
83 and 84 are heavy at first laps, later are very good, and 85, 88, 89, 90, 91, 93, 94, 95 and 96 are very good and high quality, and fps friendly with me (96 a little bit less, but good to play).

I don't know if this personal feedback can help with it, without knowing the amount of polys, but... I tried Big Grin
Best wishes,
thank you information, sudden.
To check the number of polygons you need to load the cars in zmodeler.

below is now  the number of polys.
Mclaren -> 88114 (*60508)
Ferrari   -> 76939 (*58115)
both cars have all objects except diverbody and helmaet.
(*) is the number of polygons except tire, wheel, break disk and break caliper.

maybe I need to remake these objects low polys
if David provide them to me,  I will not do so.
Hello schumacher180! I would like to know if you have find your 1986-1987 complete mod since the last time (page 5)?

Thank you in advance Wink
I will make F1 Challenge 2017 v1.1  the basis of the number of polygons. How do you guys think about it.
I counted the number of polygons of ferrari in this mod and they are about 100000 polys. I tried the Race and I didn't feel FPS lag.

My PC'S Spec is below.
CPU      : intel core i5-2500 @3.30GHz
Memory :  16GB
GPU      : NVIDIA GeForce GTX1060 6GB

And I reduced the polygon more.
Mclaren -> 77906 (*50300)
Ferrari   -> 68967(*50143)
both cars have all objects except diverbody and helmaet.
(*) is the number of polygons except tire, wheel, break disk and break caliper.

Anyway I would like to hear opinions from everyone. If there is no reaction, I will proceed with this policy. Please reply.
Hello Cherry, hello everyone!!

Well I think that my humble feedback will not be the best reference, but in my case, F1 2017 it's playable, but notably lagged in my pc.
(Little off topic): What I don't understand, is that I changed my Graphic Card 2 weeks ago, due to my old PC screen crashed. I had it since 2006 and the former GPU (using it since 2014) didn't support the new PC screen correctly. My new GPU it's suposed to be better than the old one, and now F1 challenge in general works notably worse than before, in therms of FPS lag. I don't understand why :') (my new dedicated GPU is : AMD Radeon R5 230 (2017), but my PC shows that it's still using the integrated card, an AMD Radeon HD 7400 Series. I must investigate more about this). My memory is 8GB RAM, same as before, when F1C used to work better.

Back to topic, that's why I think I can't apport a good feedback, but I think that these number of polygons of the McLaren and Ferrari, far under 100.000, are pretty good!! Maybe it's similar than 1985 mod, which still runs very well in my pc, in terms of fps and everything. If with these polygons that you mentioned (78k~ the McLaren and 69k~ the Ferrari), the cars still looks beautiful and HQ like the rest of your (and David Marques) mods, for me it's perfect.

Let's see what everyone else thinks. Thank you very much, and best wishes!!
thank you for opinion, Sudden.

It seems there is no objection and as the policy of the number of polygons it will become about 75000 polys except driver body and helmet(further about 50000 polys except tire, wheel, break disk and break caliper).
From today I will start making Williams as the next car. I will upload screenshots of Mclaren and Ferrari in Zemodeler at a later date.
WCP is about to release a 1986 mod for Automobilista.

Have you heard of it, Cherry? WCP published news recently in their Facebook page.

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