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How to make a trace file ?
if you are having troubles with the tracks / Mods please make a trace text file and post it here
how to make a trace file>

Step 1: Go to your F1 Challenge directory (C:\EA Sports\F1 Challenge\). There you can find a so called F1 Challenge 99-02.exe file.
Step 2: Make a shortcut of this file.

Step 3:Right-mouse click on this shortcut, select properties, than change the line in „F1 Challenge 99-02" -trace=1000 (do not forget the space between "" and -trace=1000)

Step 4: Apply with OK!
Step 5: Now start your game with this shortcut. After the game crashes go to C:\EA Sports\F1 Challenge\LOG\
You will find a file called: trace.txt
simply `copy and paste` the text In to your Topic / .. whatever.

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