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We need your feedback about forum
Hello, here we are with our new version of Forum.
I changed style that we will use from now.
We need some feedback from you, what we need to change Smile, please post it here so We will sure what to change.
Cheers Wink.
Removed stars from user information in the post
Switched to classic post bit (Thanks haune Smile)
Change hover of new reply, post thread buttons from green to red
changed post buttons from green to red, hover to gray.
Button colors fixed to red, changed green lines to red.
Pages text from black to white, page button from gray to black and from green to red.
To fix:
I think that we only need to fix Logo.
But if there's any bug please post it.
Fixed 14-15.07.2017
Languages of items,some of them are now translated properly (still some things to fix)- Thanks haunetal1990 Wink
changed color of ucp items from green to red
Disabled comments plugin on profile.
Fix Logo - White version
Optimizing/recoloring some things
Fix for Comments plugin on profile,
I think theres more to fix. But we are doing that well !
pls let it be a white background with black lettering, its visually impairing
Will look into that in some time.

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