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Hi, new here
I found a link to your site at rFactor Central and thought I'd check you guys out, what a selection of stuff for rFactor! I've been a NASCAR guy most of my life, dabbled into open wheels a little bit, but now over the past year I've gotten totally hooked and since I have an old single core XP machine I'm limited to what I can run. I'm hoping you guys still support the platform because I have a question.

 I'm using the default trainer mod to learn tracks in different seasons of F1, most of those tracks are in track packs, i.e all the 1988's are in one folder, all the 2013's are in one, all the 1979's are in one and so on. My question is, why don't some of these show up as being able to race on in the default mod?
The one and only ti2blegrr AKA, D Kaisinger AKA Dan Kaisinger

you can edit your .RFM File and maybe you can drive on the other tracks.

Go to the rFM Folder (example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\rFactor\rFm) and edit the RFM from the default Mod. You can open the .RFM with the normal Windows Text Editor. 

You musst edit the Track Filter.

// Game/Season Info:
Mod Name = GP3 Series 2016
Track Filter   = GP3_Series 
Vehicle Filter = OR: GP3_2016
SafetyCar = Hammer_PC.veh

right settings:
Track Filter   = *

Test it and maybe you can drive the Tracks on the default Mod.
Thank you, I'll try that, everything else I tried didn't work. I'll make a copy of it so I don't mess it up, LOL! I've been using an F3 car to my learning.
The one and only ti2blegrr AKA, D Kaisinger AKA Dan Kaisinger

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