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F1 1996 Season (Converted by David M.)
F1 1996 Season V1.0 Converted by David Marques

Original GP4 Readme
Here's the GP4 1996 season v1.0 after 8 years from initial project.

I wanto to thanks all people that help in anyway in this mod. Specially
Celinho, Jürgen, Fongu, kedy89 (Tobi), Öggo, Soulbringer, Alesi_fan,
Turbo_lover and various others forum members (consider all people in this forum
help a little in this mod).

Official painters: Celinho, Gezere and kedy89, and various forum member
(consider all people in this forum help a little in this mod).

Some are scratch cars (by Oggo, Fongu and Soulbringer), and base for some car
from from 1996 MOD from F1 Challange (made by "Crashking" from reacesimulations
- in this GPG forum his nickname is "RMS Lusitania" THANK YOU!!! )

CSM Stuff: kerleyf1 and kedy89
Carshaper: Fongu (Kev), Öggo, kedy89 (Tobi), Soulbringer
Official painters: Celinho, Gezere and kedy89
Tyres and rims: Alesi_fan and Turbo_lover


Ferrari Ebi & Nick, Oggo & Fongu (updates by quickslick)
Benetton Oggo (updates by quickslick)
Williams soulbringer & kedy89
McLaren Fongu, Celinho (updates by quickslick & soulbringer)
Ligier Fongu, Soulbringer & kedy89
Jordan Fongu, Celinho (updates by quickslick & kedy89)
Sauber Fongu and Gezere
Footwork Fongu, AUS_Doug, kedy89 & soulbringer
Tyrrell Fongu, soulbringer & kedy89
Minardi Fongu, Celinho
Forti Fongu, Celinho, soulbringer
Dome soulbringer, Alesi_fan

Cockpit Renault#1Fan, Stifflers Mum, Tony
Textures quickslick

Helmet shape Eugenio Faria
Helmet textures Fongu and kerleyf1, kedy89

Pitcrews Fongu and quickslick (Jürgen)
Marshalls Fongu
Pitprops Tony (b-tone)
Pitboards Tony (b-tone)

Rims & Tyres Ulf (Alesi_fan) & Turbo Lover
StWheel Ferrari Briere
StWheel generic Turbo Lover, Lee71 & Genison Kobe
StWheel internal Genison Kobe (generic)
Visors kerleyf1
HUD 1994 Duffer
Defpanel 2009 Tony (b-tone), Ruboy
Teamart Tony (b-tone), kedy89
Loading Screens antonijadis
Physics Rot Teufel (some updates by phantaman)
Performance Eric M. Guzman (bonyardboy)
Sounds Mitsuro Sano, Briere
Event sounds mclarenaustralia
Atmospheric haze Isaint
GPaedia petrus
Menu BGs kerleyf1
Memory limit cap Lee71
CSM Stuff kerleyf1 (based on Tony 2006 MOD),
Turbo Lover, kedy89


Not yet

Zaz for CSM, TSM and all the rest of it

All the helpers, supporters, testers along the way

Personal Note
Many elements of this release were taken from CrashKing's original 1996 mod.
He did a fantastic job making the 1996 cars and the level of detail and
variations was incredible, something this mod lacks at the moment. Thanks so
much CK for your hard work over the years and sharing it with the community.

Cockpits made by David M., based on Cherry and F1-S-R's past releases for other

Wheels and Rims
All tyres and rims based on and used with permission by Prairie.
Rim logos and some special designs created by David M.
Dome's logo's by Alesi_fan

Engine sounds are all made by the awesome Sky

Physics are all made by the awesome Sky

Tracks Credit
Melbourne: F1C (Sponsors updated by David M.)
Interlagos: F1C (Sponsors updated by David M.)
Buenos Aires: CTDP (Sponsors updated by David M.)
Nurburgring: F1C (Sponsors updated by David M.)
Imola: F1C (Updated by David M.)
Monaco: Carrera.4 (Converted and updated by David M.)
Barcelona: F1C (Sponsors updated by David M.)
Montreal: F1C (Sponsors updated by David M.)
Magny-Cours: F1C (Sponsors updated by David M.)
Silverstone: F1C (Sponsors updated by David M.)
Hockenheim: F1C (Sponsors updated by David M.)
Hungaroring: F1C (Sponsors updated by David M.)
Spa: F1C (Sponsors updated by David M.)
Monza: F1C (Sponsors updated by David M.)
Estoril: Carrera.4 (Converted by Frentzen127 updated by David M.)
Suzuka: F1C (Sponsors updated by David M.)

Team Uniforms: CrashKing
Team BKs: David M.
Team Icons: CrashKing, David M.
Track LODs: David M.

Special Thanks
GP4 96 Crew: For allowing the release of their work on another platfor so
that many more can enjoy their great work

CrashKing: For allowing his work to be included in this release and all
his hard work over the years. Thanks for sharing mate.

titi01170: For getting the permission to properly release this mod

Sky: For his great physics and sounds: the cherry on top of the cake

Frentzen127: For all of his help, input and teaching

Known Bugs

Terms Of Use
Enjoy this mod to the fullest, that's all. If you want to convert or use this
as a base to create other cars, you're welcome in doing so as long as the
appropriate credit is given to the respective authors of the files you are
using. You can find all authors in this file

1) Backup and delete any other 1996 mods from F1C for this mod to work properly
2) Download and install the updated versions of the following default circuits: Melbourne, Monaco, Barcelona, Montreal, Silverstone, Spa -->
3) Extract all files from F1 1996 Season.exe to F1C installation directory
4) Wait for 96Setup.bat to autorun (This will add driver names to game.dic and insert all 96 team pit walls in logomap.mas)
5) Run F1 Challenge 99-02.exe and enjoy the ride!H0cxGAiA!YLkZz0xbOTvpE...R6fhFS3cYY
"CrashKing: For allowing his work to be included in this release and all
his hard work over the years. Thanks for sharing mate."

Really? Don't remember being asked
Thank you very much david marques for your work and your mention on the credits Wink

Looking forward to test it this weekend

crashking Wrote:
"CrashKing: For allowing his work to be included in this release and all
his hard work over the years. Thanks for sharing mate."

Really? Don't remember being asked
thanks for your mod crashking, i wished u did an update to it and yor 1993 mod, my system likes it Big Grin ,
crashking Wrote:Really? Don't remember being asked
Sorry CK, it was a long time ago, when I released my 95 mod. You mentioned there was no problem as long as you were credited, as I did. Didn't mean any disrespect mate
Thanks a lot mate
New link and instructions on the first post. You have to download some extra supporting files in order for the mod to work properly. Please read the new instructions carefully
Thank you for this fantastic mod, it's really awesome!! In addition, I have a little question.
I've realized that the audio folder is called "97sound". Maybe you have in mind to do a 1997 mod in the future? Or it's just a casuality?

Thank you very much, all your mods are a piece of art.
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Hi David M. Thank you for this beauriful mod, I have a little question. 
In the image the small error is indicated by the red arrows.
How can I solve this little problem? 

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David, AIW in Barcelona have a problem... the cars very very slow in turns 14 and 15

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