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Board Developement and News
Feb 3rd 2013

Third Day of being online and we're still improving a lot. Today we've got it all together that you'll get information about the game too when you're searching for a file, so you don't accidentally download stuff for another game as the wished.
Feb 6th 2013

We are still improving the main pages design. That may causes some troubles with the site, but not the forum. We will tell you when the page is finally done, so please do not worry if you cannot reach the main page.
Just in case you have missed it, you can now add your own articles and screenshots to R4S.

IMPORTANT: If it does not appear after you have submitted your stuff, don't worry - it's not lost, it needs to be applied by one of our Staff Members.
Staff chat starting soon!

From October 21st on, you will have the chance to chat with the R4S staff!
At least one member of the team will be there at 6:00 pm GMT+1 to answer all your questions for one hour. That will not only belong Board Developement inside news, but also thoughts, meanings and (if you have some luck) Mod developement insights! As most of us are still active in modding that will be your chance to get maybe an exclusive look behind the courtain.
But not only that, if you have some special whishes about the board, the forum or files that we host, you can tell us that there too. And of course express your feelings and tell us your opinions!

When will it start?
October 21st

In what rhythm at which time?
Daily at 6:00 pm GMT +1

In the R4S chat

We're looking forward to talk with you, live!
The R4S Staff Team.

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