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Announcement - I leave the F1C community
Good night to everyone.

I am here to... say that I am going to retire from the F1C community.

I will come back. But that will be later than sooner.

I am going to be inactive from tomorrow. My Facebook account is going to be closed.

I have a new job. It's going to occupy a lot of time of my personal life.

So, this is a "see you later".

Here is my goodbye gift to everyone who wants to start messing around in F1C.!NhtXBYLK!NLXqWSvBQ9kz ... v4zplf-xlY

Halil İbrahim Şahin. The tutorial functionality for F1C is going to be finished and released. But that will not happen soon. I'll keep all the stuff you have sent me.

If anyone wants to contact me, here is my email:

Thank you to the F1C community for these (almost) ten years,
Cristian Luis
Buena Suerte Christian! Hasta pronto. (Good luck Christian! See you soon!) Thanks for all!

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