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Avus 1959 For F1 Challenge '99-'02 by Oversteer
Fixes by Valerio and me.

Avus 1967 for rFactor by ZWISS v1.0


- original GPL track by Oversteer, Eric Bourgouin, various others
- GTR2 version by Jimi-46
- rFactor LODS by Slomo (thanks a lot)
- startlights by lifers

What I (ZWISS) did:

- GMT convertion to rFactor
- correcting light values and orientation in gdb
- cutting up many objects to make them smaller
- adding a few objects from older GPL version
- take many meshes out of the HAT
- make a simple shadow object for the Mercedes tower.
- change south curve, add moveable hay, so you won't get killed if you miss your braking point.

- textures could be improved
- FPS heavy track
- I get some flashing shadows just before the south curve

Please report any other issues or suggestions.

Have fun, not fame


Let the show begin:!Y8UWyQyD!10kYgozJ1nxWN...O3Ne9fsyos

Enjoy it!

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