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Estoril 14KM Beta 3E by Jalnervion for F1 Challenge '99-'02
Estoril (14 kms) beta 3e by Jalnervion.

This track was made by Jalnervion with Bobs Track Builder. Indications of design were given by Cristian Luis.

Fictional road course converted to F1 Challenge 99'-02' by Jalnervion.



Simply delete your original Estoril 14 KM folder. Then, extract this folder in rar file into your main f1 challenge 99'-02' folder, and overwrite if requested.

The circuit is a mix of the old Estoril 1972-1993 track with the old Spa Francorchamps 1921-1978 circuit.

Also, this is a present for Cristian Luis aka Showtimethemusic in old Rcesimulations forum. (Cristian has permission to modify the track to improve it).

The track is also public. For the moment this will be the last update for a while. Cristian will improve the track from now.


The original Estoril circuit:

The Autódromo do Estoril (officially, Autódromo Fernanda Pires da Silva) is a motorsport race track in Portugal, owned by state-run holding management company Parpública. Its length is 4.182 km (2.599 mi). It was the home of the Formula One Portuguese Grand Prix from 1984 to 1996.

Inaugurated on the 16th of June of 1972, it was only after 1982 when the FIA F2 Championship included Estoril on its Calendar.   In 1984 the Autódromo do Estoril premiered in the international limelight, hosting the all time pinnacle of motor sports, the Formula One World Championship a position it held up until 1996 (the previous Portuguese Grand Prix being held in Boavista (Porto), ’58 and ’60 and Monsanto (Lisbon) in ’59).

Its first years saw many national races, as well as an occasional Formula 2 race. However, the course soon fell into disrepair due to the owning company having been taken over by the state between 1975–78, and a significant redevelopment effort was needed before international motorsport returned in 1984.

Estoril became a popular event on the F1 calendar, the setting for many well-known moments including Niki Lauda winning the 1984 championship, his third and final, from McLaren team mate Alain Prost by just half a point by finishing second to Prost at the 1984 Portuguese Grand Prix. Three times world champion Ayrton Senna's first F1 win in 1985, Nigel Mansell's notorious black flag incident and subsequent collision with Senna in 1989, Jacques Villeneuve's overtaking Michael Schumacher around the outside of the final turn in 1996, and Riccardo Patrese's being launched airborne in a near-backward flip after colliding with Gerhard Berger on the main straight in 1992.

Throughout the years, Estoril has had numerous problems with safety, failing safety inspections on more than one occasion. After the death of Ayrton Senna at the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix, a chicane was added which increased the circuit length to 4.360 km (2.709 mi). Estoril sometimes has high crosswinds, which remind many of its Spanish counterpart, the Circuit de Catalunya which also has a similar layout. Many teams were fond of using Estoril for winter testing.

Estoril was dropped from the F1 calendar for the 1997 season, though it continued to play host to top-level single-seater, sports car and touring car events, including the FIA GT Championship, the DTM and the World Series by Renault. A new redesign of the parabolica turn which saw its length reduced to 4.182 km (2.599 mi) was implemented in 2000 in order to obtain FIM homologation.

On September 3, 2000, the Autódromo do Estoril held its first Portuguese motorcycle Grand Prix, an event held annually. On October 23, 2005, the circuit hosted the third round of the first ever A1 Grand Prix racing season, with both races in the event being won by the French team.

The track's main open-wheel racing series is now the Superleague Formula series which has hosted events at the track in 2008, 2009 and an event has been confirmed for 2010.


The 14 kilometers version (description by Cristian Luis).

Hi everyone! First and foremost, thank you for downloading this circuit. We (Jalnervion and me) are looking forward to improve it. Any comment about how to have a better feeling of the track is welcomed!

In order of playing it, you need Jalnervion´s Special Effects (from 7.0 onwards), both essential to make work this track. Download Jalnervion's special effects here (2 links):

About it's conception:

In F1 Hero (a NES game), there are sixteen circuits, thirteen characters and four single-seaters that recreates the 1991 Formula One Season. In my childhood (2002-2005), I loved that game due to the stories that I used to wrote about race reports, tests, career mode, and the characters themselves.

I remember with singularity that odd Estoril circuit. That track was insanely long (14 km), and the F1H cars were able to get top speeds that reaches almost 410 km/h at the end of the main straight, la Grande Reta Do Estoril (just before the Finis-terrae curve).

This race course for F1 Challenge 99'-02' has been designed exclusivily for F1 Hero mods, a private racing series composed of multiple mods which are a paracosm to me since 1999.

Talking a little about the mod, in terms of circuits, I have all I wanted for F1 Hero, and I made a lot of improvements in all of them, like texture edition, model edition, functional pits, colisionable objects, pitlines, AIW edition, SCN edition, sky files, billboards, scenario research, and others.

Some of the circuits were problematic, such as Brno 1949-1963, Charade 1958-1988, Reims-Gueux 1955-1972, among others. But I always managed to do it well in terms of IA funcionality and details.


There was a time, 2012, when Estoril 14 KM, along with the old 29 km Masaryk Ring circuit from 1930-1937, were the only circuits missing. Both must be done from sratch. While Brno 1930-1937 could be made by any modder, Estoril 14 KM doesn't exists in real life. Is fictional. It only exists in my head and ideas...

I wondered about how to recreate the whole track in the game, and how to keep a technical development inside a personal organigram.

So, I started to concept the first working drafts about its quick and dangerous character, 3D objects, basic scenario, colisionable objects, trees, buildings, bushes, and the layout of the circuit. The first homework to do was create a KML file thanks to the functions offered in Google Earth. Because of this, the circuit perimeter is now programmed as a 14,287 Km road course track, ready to be exported into Bobs Track Builder. But... I didn´t know how to go further.

I couldn´t walk this road on my own feet. I needed full help and colaboration of someone. But who?

On 29th April 2012, I had the idea of contact with someone in order of help me to create from sratch the Estoril 14 KM track. In Racesimulations, I sent a private message to Jalnervion, because he has created a lot of new circuits and I considered him the most prolific track maker. It was an amazing surprise for me when he offered to create my project for F1 Challenge 99-02.

And several months later, the first beta was released at 29th November 2012. It contains only the background, functional sky, track, and a lot of grass.

Second beta was shown in a video (but never released) two months after, with the first trees, houses, and revised elevation changes.

Finally, here is the Beta 3 version, and a dream come true for me: The Estoril 14 Km circuit is now available for F1 Challenge 99'-02' in general, and for my F1 Hero mods in particular.


// ESTORIL 14 KM track in F1 Hero *
//                                *

In order to concept and have one of the most demanding tracks in the world, and recreate the Golden Era of Grand Prix Racing, the circuit Estoril 14km circuit was designed in February 1998 by petition of a portuguese businessman called Pedro Macedo dos Santos, who is co-founder of Parapública Multinational Corporation and the third richest man from Portugal. The whole track was constructed on a rocky plateau near the village of Alcabideche, which is about nine kilometers from the city of Estoril, the beach resort lending its name to the circuit. Because of this, the track surface is tendencious to have an uneven pavement when is not maintained periodically. It would host his first race at 21st March 1999. Since then, the circuit gained a singular popularity among the entire elite of international racing drivers (specially the veretans who love taking risks) and fans, and its competitions turned out to be there a worldwide phenomenom, albeit the little security of the track installations. A year later, Estoril 14 km would start to host F1H Grand Prix races, whose sunday would attract enormous crowds (over 240.000 spectators) to watch international battles.

Estoril 14 km is essentially, a dangerous speed course with drivers managing much higher average speeds than on other race tracks, a factor that will be one of its signatures from its inception.

The course is composed by very long straights (the main straight is 3,8 kilometers long), fast and medium speed turns, nasty corners, noticeable elevation changes (particularily the 'Finis-Terrae' and 'Alcabideche' bends) in almost all sections of the track, a banked hairpin (known as 'Gancho da Pastagens'), two slippery peralted corners ('Peraltada Interior' and 'Sao Vicente'), complex surface in general, and 12-17 meters wide road. All of it is bordered by little off-roads in the deep-forest section, country-farm enviroment, mountain and plateau scenario, publicity towers, security towers, farm houses, bordering trees, flowers, walls of stones, electric poles, cattles, barriers, barnyards, pylons, cartels, bushes, spectators next to the road, and bridges which pillars are next to the road.

In order of making a good lap time, the circuit demands huge skills in racing line and corner exit because of its ferocious and tricky nature, demanding memory and approach ability to go throughout, domination of trail-braking (if you are on a no-winged car), heel-and-toe (if you use manual gearbox) progressive concentration, and a lot of precisión and accuracy.

In F1 Hero, Estoril 14 usually becomes the fastest F1H circuit of the season. Its very nasty reputation for being dangerous, bumpy, difficult and very fast, made it a circuit known to be one for the brave, and most drivers are frightened of it.

Because of this, the circuit presents itself an extraordinarily difficult mental challenge; most corners are taken at 180-320 km/h and none of them are plainly flat. Every corner is as important as the one before it. If a driver lifts just that little bit more, then whole seconds will be lost. Even the slightest error of any kind is punished very harshly in more ways than one. But this also worked inversely: significant advantages could be gained if a driver came out slightly faster out of a corner.

Also, the Estoril forests, because of its enviroment, counts itself with an unpredictable weather in general, along with above-average wind speeds... which makes the races more demanding and fearsome.



When AI cars crashes heavily, the game freezes for some seconds, and seldom times, it causes crash to desktop (CTD).




Track creation: Jalnervion
Track conception and management: Cristian Luis
Minor corrections about my words in English: Carmen Bensusan

Special thanks:

F1 Hero
Varie Corp and Human Entertainment
Image Space Incorporated
F1 Challenge 99-02
Carmen Bensusan


Emjoy the ride!!Qkd2EILQ!32yVCpsX_ER-r...Zx1J2wZh44

Thanks for downloading. Hope this track will bring you hours of entertainment.

Kind regards,

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