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Macau circuit by AJD32208 and angelodeasa, optimized by me

Macau 2002 for F1 Challenge '99-'02 by AJD32208 and angelodeasa.

Tested only in original F1C mods and in F1 Hero 1999 2-2. Works perfectly in both.

Originally released in... ¿2004 or 2005?, I have fixed many issues of the circuit. These includes:

─Modified AIW line path;
─New AIW Wet line path;
─New xpitin;
─New xfinish;
─Lap distance corrected;
─Track illumination and fog optimized;
─Fixed the vantablack issue when time was not sunny;
─GDB file updated;
─Updated skybox and scenario (thanks, Frentzen127!);
─New track icon, THMB and info images;
─Dynamic rendering of spectators for different weekend session;
─Crowd and ambient sound effect updated;
─Trees and fences improved;
─Optimized pits, but at the cost of be only driveable with 32 opponents or less;

Here is the track:!MhkiSQKJ!LCqYpFOBAPfey...NLseo8p_yc

"Read everything, listen to everybody, don't trust anything unless you can prove it with your own existence."

(William Cooper.)

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