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No accurate titles, neither meta-description for R4S pages
Today I have had the curiosity about how well positioned and what's the meta-information of Race4Sim (the main page itself, and the main page of the forum).

As a self-educated student of dynamic web designer and web developer (with humble knowledge of Search Engine Optimization, acronym its SEO), I decided to use SEOquake and MOZ for a first approximation.

Not bad about its spam score: only 2/17 on the main page, and 1/17 on the forum.

But I was terrified about these facts on both pages:
  • 1. No descriptive title;

    2. Absolute lack of meta description (meta keywords doesn't matter, its resources were obsoleted by Google since 2009);

    3. Most pictures doesn't have an alt description (just a description of what is the picture itself;

Have a look here:
Main Page:

Main forum page:

General problems:

In Alexa ranks, it positions is very modest for a site which is going to have three years: 4.391.670th.

These sort of adolences are lethal to Race4Sim's visibility on Google as a website.

It also seems it lacks of social-media activity (no Twitter account to my knowledge, and the FaceBook group F1 Challenge VB has more activity than R4S' official Facebook page.)

As a community, I think we are unvaluable. Some fantastic works, like Gold's, Jalnervion's, DavidMarques' and his team, Schumacher180's, Lee67's and others, keeps alive this little community. It could improve much more if users (specially, the lurkers) appreciates the works released and leave their their gratitude message (just have a look on Sim Racing Mirror Zone on GPL forums, the ambient is just fantastic), The game, albeit old, it has much to offer. We too. I utilise: WE. And it can nurture from evolved simulators, starting with rFactor, rFactor2 and GTR2 works. But for that, the community must be stronger. Entusiast. More ethical, if possible.

And it has to maximize its resources. More when leechers in F1C thrives more than never.

For the one who can edit all R4S pages: I know its hard to give titles and descriptions to ALL the pages that makes Race4Sim what it now it is. But this forum can give a lot more than it haves!

We can negociate how to add titles to each page. It will be more a repetitive task than anything else. And also, talk about ideas for offering something better in the near future.


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