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Been a long time... (
Hey guys, some of you may even know me, some of you may not.
I'm diego777, I formed part of the community during the golden days (from 2006 to 2009 I was an active member).
I remember those days, man, I had so much fun in the forum, playing F1C and sharing stuff, opinions, words... some arguements too. It just felt so alive, with lots of people from all over the world, I was kind of hooked to it actually, I just felt I belonged to something.
Years went by and in 2010 I barely logged in, I was by then building up some social life and I disappeared from the forum daily life.
It was in 2013 when I thought "whatever happened to racesimulations?". I googled the site and found absolutely nothing. It was all so weird, it looked like the site had vanished. And so it was. I felt sad, I couldn't believe it really, a part of me had literally disappeared forever.
Anyway, I found this site the other day by chance and was happy to see some familiar usernames, like schumacher-180, pro-raver or FisicoF!. I'm sure there are more. Also some of them are not here.

Anyway, what I basically want to do with this post is thank everyone of you guys who still rememner me. Thank you for those times, they were amazing and I had so much fun. I really mean it.

If only racesimulations was brought back to life... as I said there's a quite big piece of me hidden there, somewhere.

P.S. Couldn't help but smile when I saw a "This or That?" topic here, haha. It was me the one who opened the post in RS back in the day!!
Welcome back. ;D

Thanks for your time, Diego. Racesimulations... yeah, fantastic memories.

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