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Grip of the cars on the track.
A question for those who make mods: Who or what files to determine adherence of the cars on the track? Or is it a line in HDV or Damage? Anyone know?
I am trying to figure this out for myself. I was waiting for some of the old racesimulations community to come here before asking about my own issue.

What I have found though is a terrain.ini file in the SeasonData\Circuits directory. The notes in this file also point to a tyre file which I found in the SeasonData\Vehicles directory as Bridgestone.tbc.
There are two files which determine the grip: The first is the tyre file in the Vehicles main folder. I'm not very familiar with that file, so I'M not sure which entires define the grip, but you may play around with wear rate and temperature effect, they affect grip as well.

The other file is the individual car HDV file for every car. I woN't explain the whole file, but basically what are you looking for are the FRONTWING, REARWING, BODYAERO and DIFFUSER entries.

FWDragParams=(0.0144, 0.00187, 0.0) <- This is the drag the frontwing (hence FW) creates. First number is the base drag, second and third are multipliers by every level the frontwing settings change
FWLiftParams=(-0.2858, -0.01051, 0.000012) <- This works the same as the drag, except that this is about the grip created by the front wing. Lift is negative, because it's not lifting the car, but it creates downforce.

BodyDragBase=(0.3729) <- This determines the base drag created by the car's body. Reduce it so the speed reduction in straights and grip loss in corners due not perfectly frontal windflow will be reduced.

DiffuserBase=(-0.7665, -7.0, 129.0) <- This is similar to the wings, except that the third number is a modifier, which depends on the difference between front ad aft ride height.
DiffuserRake=(-0.002, -12.0, 200.0) <- This entry is connected to the third modifier from the previous entry, I'm not sure how it exactly works, but it's like first is the base value which is modified by the second one and the third one is maybe a maximum modifier you may get.
DiffuserFrontHeight=(1.801) <- This is the base height of the diffuser in the front of the car.
thanks kmerse
I made this topic because I have some mods where cars have no grip on the track, the Mods 84, 83 and 81 of Neiln. It is impossible to drive even with a good setup. For this reason I would like to know what he modified to be so without grip.
In 80 of the mod Neiln this problem does not occur.

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