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Racesimulations SQL Base, or copy of files.
I don't have contact to Ivo and other admins from rs. I need one thing. Is any SQL Base, or copy of files to download? I need that to try recreate reacesimulations.
I don't want to be rude, but what do you expect to yourself from that? You've got a replacement here with R4S, which does have even more content then RS ever had - and see how alive this forum is. Tongue And no, F1C wouldn't come back to life just becaus RS would. Yes, RS and F1C died together back then, but they won't come back together.
Anyways, I think haunetal1990 and pro-raver were the last ones here who ever had contact with Ivo.
Because i need this

What i need:
All cars, all track
voice plugin for f1C
F1C Camera Editor
AIW Viewer/Editor/Converter
If anyone has a copy of the database it would be the guy who owned the site (and I highly doubt that he kept a copy)... good luck trying to contact him.
Being a former moderator of racesimulations, I can tell you that nobody besides Ivo had admin rights, so only he had access to the database etc. You can get the mods you listen from other places, but you won't get it from the original database.

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