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The return of the online IndyCar championship?
Hi all,

Who's interested in running in my or... Well.. Let's say, our IndyCar championship?!

We ran two seasons in 2011-2012 and in 2012-2013. Of course we should have had a 2014 season full of racing as well but due to lack of participants, issues in my private life and a friend who actually took over the championship, afterwards didn't have time at all either to run the championship, nothing happened and the championship sort off died in silence. I'm only interested in bringing the championship back to life again if there's enough interest, so it all depends on you, and you and YOU as well! Big Grin

- Robby
Sounds like something I'll be interested in Big Grin
Same for me, in case this will be a serious try to bring it back Smile
It in fact, will be a serious try. We will also continue where we left off. Which means we will basically try to run the 2014 schedule and it's cars in 2015. Big Grin
Sounds good Smile Will you try it with a root server?
fisicoF1 Wrote:Sounds good Smile Will you try it with a root server?
I would definitely pay for a good server, but I'm only going to do that if we are going to have a grid with AT LEAST 20 cars.

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