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F1 2014, anyone?
Got the game today, and damn... I do enjoy it! Big Grin

I started with a test which does indicate on which level you should play. The game advised me to play on the very hard level, the most difficult level of the game.

Decided to immediately start a career, with 15-20 lap races on the hardest level and to make it even more challenging for myself, I signed a contract with the Lotus F1 Team. In Australia, I qualified 22nd and finished 21st. In Malaysia, I qualified 16th and finished 21st. In Bahrain things seemed to finally go a bit better, as I qualified 15th and finished 11th. I don't think I'm not capable of scoring points, I think the car performances are just that realistic, that the Lotus in fact is just a terrible car, like in real life.. At least, I hope that this is the case, otherwise I'm just a terrible driver in F1 2014 I guess... Tongue

Looking forward to other peoples' thoughts!

It's definitely a major step forward compared to the other Codemasters F1 games if you ask me!
I started a career with Mercedes because I'm sick of always acting like I'm new to racing. I decided to start a short career (7 races) just to get a feel of the game at first. Races are 50% distance.

I won the first two races, with Hamilton close behind me. I could've won the first race in Melbourne with a margin of at least 4/5 seconds, but a AI car decided it would be a good idea to slow down right on the apex on Turn 5, so I crashed into him (I had nowhere to go), lost a part of my front wing with just 2 laps to go. Lewis could catch up to me and almost overtook me, but I managed to get a win. Without the horrible AI (it wasn't the first time a lap was ruined by a slower car), it would've been an easy victory.

Second race was in Bahrain. For some reason I had lost all traction in my tires after just 5 laps, while Lewis could keep on pushing for the full first stint. Same think happened in the other two stints. My tires were just one lap older, yet they were ruined far earlier than Lewis' tire. And I wasn't driving aggressively, I can only assume the AI isn't affected by tire wear at all. I did manage to get a win though, despite the horrible tire wear.

Besides the AI not being affected by anything (as it seems), there still are some annoying problems. Just like in any previous Codemasters F1 game, I feel like I haven't got full control of the car. I always see my driver making movements I'm not making, I can't properly countersteer when I have oversteer, but in any other game (including OMSI, which is a bus simulator), I can perfectly keep my car under control. I don't know if it's the game settings or my wheel settings, but it seems strange to me that I only have this problem in CM's F1 games.

Just one more thing that annoys the crap out of me; the sounds of the AI are far, far louder than the sound of my own car.. Why would I want that? I'm not interested in the sound of the AI, I want to hear my own car so I can hear when I have to shift..

All in all it's a pretty good game, but far from perfect. Too many tiny flaws in my opinion.
It isn't a perfect game indeed, and yes... I have the feeling as well that I'm not always 100% controlling the car my self. With F1 2011 I didn't experience that, the only Codemasters F1 game so far in which I don't have these problems.

My career is going better anyway; In China I qualified 12th and ran 8th for most of the race, but it started raining very hard with two laps to go and I decided to gamble and continue the race on my dry tires... This seemed to be the wrong gamble, as everyone behind me made a pitstop to get full wet tires, and I ultimately would drop back from 8th to 17th DURING THE FINAL LAP. Man... That was terrible, so I got robbed of my first points in the final lap, absolutely didn't like that.

In Spain I seemed to be way off the pace again, I qualified 18th, just ahead of the Caterham's and the Marussia's... The race went statistically a little better, as I finished 17th but that was due to retirements of Felipe Massa and Daniil Kvyat, because in fact I got beaten by Jules Bianchi's Marussia who came in 16th place, 8,5 seconds ahead of me.

In Monaco, things finally seemed to go my way; After just missing the points in Bahrain and China, it finally happened; I scored my first point. I qualified 11th, probably missed Q3 because of a mistake I made in the final turn in my final qualifying lap in Q2 and during the race, I managed to finish in 10th position. I had a solid start, took over for 10th place in turn 1 and everything was fine from there until the pitstops, as Kvyat, who was running behind me, rejoined the race just ahead of me, one lap after I made my pitstop. However, I was able to overtake him in the Loews hairpin! It nearly went wrong, but it went right anyway!

At this point I was running in 11th position, due to Hülkenberg who had yet to pit, so I was basically back in 10th position virtually. Sadly, he came out in front of me as well and he seemed to be way faster than I was, so I wasn't able to catch him and apply the same trick on him as I did on Kvyat.

Where I was hoping for in Bahrain while running 11th but which didn't happen during that race, but luckily did happen in Monaco, was that somebody who was running ahead of me retired. Jenson Button had a car failure and so I was able to move up in 10th position again and I would not lose that position anymore from that point. My first points and besides I'm still in the losing position regarding the team mate challenge; I do have more points than Romain Grosjean, so I definitely FEEL like I'm the winner of the team mate challenge at the moment. The next round is at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Canada, and of course I'm definitely aiming for a points finish again. Reaching Q3 for the first time would be great as well by the way. Big Grin

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