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F1 1985 Season V2.1 (converted by David M.)
F1 1985 Season V2.1 converted by David M.

Original rF ReadMe
This is a conversion of Markus & Valiante's F1 1985 mod for rFactor 1.02:

By using the following mod you are agreeing to the following:
-You agree not to modify or distribute any of the files without permission.
-You agree not to convert any of the files to any other gaming format without
-You agree to not use any of the files for promotional or commercial use
without written permission.
-You don’t run races for money. The mod can be used only for free.


Valiante (models and textures)
Markus (physics)
Fabrizio68 (helmet textures)
Antonio (car textures)
Elmenda33(cockpit textures)
Beezle (Brabham texture)


We would like to say special thanks to all, who ever sent a report about the
demos to us while the 2 years working. To all, who collected photos about the
cars, pointing the errors, and to all who gave to us power to work more and
more. Thank you again.

Wheels and Rims
All tyres and rims created and used with permission by Prairie.
Rim Logos and some special designs created by David M.

Engine sounds made by Sky and sound effects taken from F1C

Tracks Credit
Jacarepagua: Carrera.4
Estoril: Carrera.4
Imola: TTTTT (Converted and updated by David M. and mrjglo)
Monaco: MotorFX/SamAlex
Montreal: MotorFX/SamAlex
Detroit: Carrera.4
LeCastellet: Carrera.4/MotorFX/SamAlex
Silverstone: MotorFX/SamAlex
Nurburgring: F1C (Sponsors updated by David M.)
Zeltweg: GPC/SamAlex
Zandvoort: GPC/SamAlex
Monza: Carrera.4
Spa: F1C (Sponsors updated by David M.)
BrandsHatch: Virtua_LM
Kyalami: GPC/SamAlex
Adelaide: Carrera.4 (Updated by David M.)

Team Uniforms: Eddie, David M., Cherry
Team BKs: David M.
Team Icons: David M.
Track LODs: David M.

Special Thanks
Neiln1: For getting permission to convert the mod to F1C

Markus & Valiante: For allowing the conversion of their exceptional work to F1C
for many to enjoy

Known Bugs
-Random CTD when running many races in a row (Trace indicates missing SLOT###)
***If anyone knows how to fix any of these bugs, please let us know

V2.1 Update
-New wheels and rims
-New drivable physics
-New setups for all tracks

Terms Of Use
Enjoy this mod to the fullest, that's all. If you want to convert or use this
as a base to create other cars, you're welcome in doing so as long as the
appropriate credit is given to the respective authors of the files you are
using. You can find all authors in this file

1) Backup and delete any other 1985 mods from F1C for this mod to work properly
2) Download and install the updated default version of Monaco and Spa -->
3) Extract all files from F1 1985 Season.exe to F1C installation directory
4) Wait for 85Setup.bat to autorun (This will add driver names to game.dic and insert all team pit walls in logomap.mas)
5) Run F1 Challenge 99-02.exe and enjoy the ride!b0tz1AqQ!DZ7uNtL2MMf65...C2rKyyMl8Q
Is this mod too available on MEGA or somewhere else? The 4shared link is dead.
New link on first post
Thanks for reuploading all your mods (so I don't have to post "thanks" in each separate thread).
New link and instructions on the first post. You have to download some extra supporting files in order for the mod to work properly. Please read the new instructions carefully
New updated link on first post. This update includes the recent track updates I've released in my tracks corner
Hey guys, there's a new update to the 85 mod. New 80s style wheels including the 8 spoke chrome wheels used by Ferrari, Lotus and company, BBS wheels used by Zakspeed and RAM and old OZ used by Alfa. Also included recent track updates from my tracks section corresponding to the 85 season. Link on first post
Fantastic! Thanks mate!

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