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Searching for Help
At a site like Race4Sim help is usually always needed.
If you want to help to build up a growing community and want to be a part of the Race4Sim Team, we have some offers for you:
  • Helping adding News for Racing Games to the Main Page
  • Help adding Downloads for Racing Games to the Main Page

Of course we can't offer you any money as we're a totally free site for everyone. But your name will become a big one in here and if you do your job in a good way your name will have a place in our virtual "Hall of Fame".
Also it's not in doubt that you don't have to work at fixed times, just when you have some free time left.

So if you are interested in having social contact with others, spending some free time so that others can use your service or help expanding a community just feel free to Contact us or show your interest in this thread ;D
I'm willing to add news to the homepage Wink And not only for racing games, but also for real life racing Smile
And adding downloads shouldn't be that hard, right? If I can find out how to do it I'm willing to do that too.
I would absolutely love to help!

Just let me know how I can be of assistance.

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