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WST's done.

Sometimes life does not go as we want to.

Perhaps this line should be set in quotes, as -I slightly remember- CTDP used it in their statement about their future. But what would fit better into a statement about our future then that?

Here we go, WST exists for 1 year and few months now. The list of achievements we've made is surprisingly long for this one year:
*2010 GP3 mod for rFactor 1
*2010 GP3 expansion pack for rFactor 1
*2011 GP3 mod for rFactor 1
*2011 GP3 mod for F1 Challenge 99-02
*2012 GP3 mod for rFactor 1
*2013 GP3 mod for rFactor 1
*2014 GP3 mod for rFactor 1
Thats more then I've expected, to be honest. And there are still some other projects in the pipeline. And not even only in GP3.

But here are the facts now. WST started in early 2013 working together, as a collaboration of ex-HLT members and some others, eg. modder haunetal1990. Our first project was to finish the 2011 GP3 mod for rF and F1C - we were all really enthusiastic by creating something new, by forming something nobody has ever made before. We were litteraly rushing towards a release and even made it, as on July 2nd 2013. But from then on, things were going from good to bad to worse.

Yeah, we've completed the 2010 and 2012 GP3 mods aswell. But who were we then. First of all, painter Jan Schwitter left us. Then, the baddest thing that could happen to a modding group, happenend: our 3D expert left us, due to miscommunication.
Some of you might remember this time, as we weren't able to post any updates, while some even begged for it. There has nothing happening since then, we were just paralyzed.
Until we've created the Dallara GP3/13 by - well, it was more luck then skill to accomplish that. But we made it. We have done it, based on haunetal1990s car and a lot of other parts we've got from eg. F1-S-R. But we got at least something to work with. So the 2013 GP3 mod was ready to be released, and by that lotusmania and Carlos12295cf left us. Carlos went to MAK Corp, being able of doing what he loves -painting, of course- there. RodreeFW left, Mart1n left, a lot more guys left. Felipe Giro left. In fact, there was just one guy remaining: me.

Now I've made, thankfully not all on my own, the 2014 GP3 mod. I've got a lot of help, eg. by and still by Carlos12295cf. You see, even if some guys left, they still stick with us. But let's be honest: WST is at the moment a one-man-team. Not able to create any 3D stuff, just being able to paint.

Imagine, you're sitting all alone in an office, working. All the others left, but you're still there, keep it on, just to keep the process going. Thats exactly how it feels to be at the moment in WST. We've achieved something, and I hope the community rewarded it somehow. We've made also a lot wrong, of course, in terms of personality, to be precise. I've made a lot wrong, horribly wrong. But theres no one to blame, perhaps me. But that was it. Sometimes life does not go as we want to.

My motivation during this past year was to deliver something to the community. To do something nobody has done before. And I would love to see WSTs success going on, or even improving. But I came to a point where I have to admit: it's not worth it. WST is dead. I mean, honestly, we got 200 downloads during a week. Thats quite a lot, compared to our first mod, of course. And the community really rewared it. But sitting there, for weeks, months, evening by evening and trying to get the maximum out of what I have in front of me -the template- even pushing the working speed by help from others, thats too much. WST is dead, litterally. We -and I- tried a lot to get the guys together we need, but most of them are in the big groups out there, eg. WCP or MAK Corp. and so on. Or they're working for game studios. It's hard for small groups to survive, even harder to keep up the motivation for working good in quality and quantity.

And thats why I say: that's it. WST is history.

I just want to thank all the guys I've named above, so: haunetal1990, lotusmania, Danilo78, Carlos12295cf, Mart1n, BP - Simracing&Design,, Felipe P. Giro, Oliver Kwoka, Jan Schwitter, RodreeFW and all the other I've forgotten to mention here, aswell as F1-S-R, daimon, SiMCO and several others for giving WST their permissions.
And, of course, I want to thank the fans, the community. You were the guys that kept us going, that kept it up. Some of you weren't but the most of you were amazing. Thanks for trying our work!

Finally, about out future: eventually we'll be back in 2015. But there's a BIG "eventually" before that.

Thanks again, it was an amazing time.

Kind regards and keep racing!


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