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Your last race, win, pole
Hi all,

I just wanted to open a very well known topic from the classic website, as the topic title says: Here you can post a review about the latest races you have driven in F1 Challenge '99-'02.

I started a complete new career which goes over the F1 seasons 1999-2002, I do play the original game without ANY form of updates. I wanted to simulate the F1 Career Challenge game, which was of course the console version of this game. I played that game for years and there you really had to go over 4 seasons, it was the first F1 game by EA Sports with a career mode. I do race with 120% AI Strength, 100% Aggression and 100% Damage Multiplier settings. The race distance is 30% from the complete race distances.

Enfin, let's get to the point. A young guy Robby who has had multiple successful results in feeder series, made the step to Formula 1 in 1999. He got the second ride at Arrows, leaving Takagi without a ride. Luckily for Takagi, they were able to keep him as their test driver. Robby drove a great season, in fact, he scored 8 points with a car which was around 2 seconds slower than a Ferrari or McLaren. I had a best qualifying position of 13th, during the San Marino Grand Prix. My best race result was a third place, during my home Grand Prix (sort of), of course I'm talking about the Belgian Grand Prix.

My results in 1999 were as follows:

Australia: 12th
Brazil: 13th
San Marino: 8th
Monaco: 6th
Spain: 14th
Canada: 16th
France: 9th
Great Britain: 15th
Austria: 16th
Germany: 4th
Hungary: 17th
Belgium: 3rd
Italy: 12th
Europe: 9th
Malaysia: 7th
Japan: 11th

My team mate Pedro De La Rosa, had a best result of 10th, during the Monaco Grand Prix. Of course that was the race where I scored my first ever world championship point. Those great results, left me with a ride at Jordan Grand Prix for 2000, to replace the retiring Damon Hill. Jarno Trulli, who was also having a chance to get the second ride, has become our test driver. In 1999, Mika Hakkinen would become World Champion for the second time in his career, McLaren Mercedes won the constructors championship.

The 2000 F1 season has been underway for six races, Heinz-Harald Frentzen won the opening round in Australia and is doing a solid job at the moment. Robby has been struggling instead, having a best finish of 9th and still without points. He could have finished second in Australia, behind his team mate but his brakes failed and so he finished on a disappointing 14th position. He had a shot to get good results during both the Brazilian and San Marino Grand Prix', sadly during both races he got caught up in accidents with two rookies. While having a shot to finish on the podium in Brazil, Heidfeld made contact with him with 5 laps to go. He lost his rear wing and would finish on a disappointing 17th place. In San Marino, he had a good run as well with maybe having a chance to win the race. Sadly, Jenson Button made contact with him and he once again lost his rear wing. Due to the high attrition, he was still able to finish in the top 10, one lap down from the eventual winner of that race: Mika Hakkinen, who is also leading the drivers championship, so is his constructor McLaren Mercedes doing at the moment.

My results during this season so far:

Australia: 14th
Brazil: 17th
San Marino: 9th
Great Britain: 13th
Spain: 11th
Europe: 16th

Eddie Jordan said the following about the disappointing results from the Dutchman: "He's landed in a spiral full of negativity. Of course it's hard to go from a backmarker team to a team which has won three races in the past season. It's not easy to replace someone like Damon Hill either, there's a lot of pressure on him but we will keep pushing to get the results which we want. He shouldn't be disappointed at all, in fact, without mechanical issues he could have been in the top 5 in the drivers championship. Sadly the reliability seems to be an issue with the EJ10 as Frentzen has only scored a fourth place finish since his win and so he has been the victim of multiple mechanical issues too. Robby doesn't have to worry so much, he is getting there, now only the car needs to work in a proper way."
Good luck with the rest of your carreer Robby Wink
Thank you Alex.

Well, there has been made some improvement. After being still on 0 points after six races, Robby qualified 11th and finished 3rd during the Monaco Grand Prix. This marked his first points and podium finish, since the Belgian Grand Prix of 1999. The Canadian Grand Prix was quite a disappointment, as Robby qualified 14th and finished 11th in that race. There's still concern about the reliability of the Jordan though, while Frentzen retired in Monaco due to a collision with Alexander Wurz with 10 laps to go, his brakes failed in Montreal. After all, the team is looking forward to the French Grand Prix in Magny-Cours. After his third place finish in Monte Carlo, Robby has stated that he has the goal to win his first ever race this season "I came to Jordan to win races and to eventually fight for the championship. Let's face it, that's not going to happen this season, I'm not going to fight for the championship and the same goes for Frentzen. All we can do is improve the reliability of the car and to score as much points, podiums and wins as we can. Our goal is to finish fourth in the constructors championship, or better said, to retain fourth place in the constructors championship as we are right now fourth with 17 points already but the smaller teams are closing in very slowly due to the fact that we have had very much "0 results" during the most race weekends we have had so far in this season."

Eddie Jordan said the following related to the reliability of the car: "The Jordan 199 of previous year wasn't as quick as the EJ10 but it's power was the fact that it had a great reliability. We had our fingers crossed when we started this season about the reliability of the EJ10 and so when Frentzen won in Melbourne we were still concerned as it could have been a double for the team but of course that didn't happen because Robby's brakes failed with two laps to go while he was going to finish in second place. We have given up on the championship already but we aren't giving up the EJ10. Our goal for this season is to still get a reliable car, so Frentzen and Robby are both able to finish on the podium regularly. A fight for the championship will have to happen with the EJ11, next year."
It seems that Robby has gone out of the negative spiral. Robby finished fourth at both Magny-Cours and A-1 Ring and he's confident that a podium result should be possible at Hockenheim, where he finished fourth last year. Eddie Jordan is very happy with the results of Robby, after his two consecutive fourth place finishes Jordan admitted that he considered to replace Robby with Trulli for the rest of the season, with the reason being the fact that he had only scored 4 points in 8 races. If Robby finishes on the podium in Hockenheim, Eddie Jordan might give Robby a contract extension until the end of the 2001 season. Robby has come close to Frentzen in the drivers championship, as Frentzen is still having 13 points and Robby is currently having 10 points making it only a 3 point difference between the team mates. Robby and Frentzen are friends off the track but do really seem to be rivals on the track.

The race duel between Frentzen and Robby is currently 4-6 in the advantage of Robby. The qualifying duel between Frentzen and Robby is something where you better do not talk about with Robby, since Frentzen has out qualified Robby for every race. Robby came once very close to beat his team mate, that was in Brazil, where Frentzen qualified 9th and Robby a career-high 10th. Robby is really aiming to get his first win in this second part of the season but his main goal is to beat his team mate Frentzen, which seems to be a realistic goal for the moment, since he's only 3 points behind.
Great news from the Jordan camp: Robby has signed a contract which lasts until the final race of the 2001 season. The reason for this is the fact that Robby did what he had and wanted to do as he finished on the podium in third place at Hockenheim, behind winner David Coulthard and a very surprising Eddie Irvine who came in second with his Jaguar. Ironically enough, we had talked about Robby being out qualified by Frentzen during every race weekend so far. That's not the case anymore, because Robby also had out qualified Frentzen for the first time of the season in Germany. Robby came in third at the fastest track of the schedule after having qualified tenth, while Frentzen qualified right behind him in 11th place. Frentzen failed to score points at his home Grand Prix due to an accident with Jean Alesi and Rubens Barrichello. This means Robby is ahead of Frentzen in the drivers championship right now, with the difference only being one point. Jordan also remains to be fourth in the constructors championship with 27 points, far behind Williams and far ahead of Jaguar Racing.
The Hungarian Grand Prix was a big disappointment for Robby as he finished in 11th place, while team mate Frentzen finished 5th. This meant Frentzen had overtaken Robby again in the drivers championship, although the difference remained to be one point of course in the advantage of Frentzen this time. The Belgian Grand Prix was a very good weekend for Robby instead. Of course this was the race which gave Robby the chance to drive for a top team such as Jordan Grand Prix this year, after he managed to finish third in an Arrows last year. Some people gave a hint that Robby was going to get his first Grand Prix win at Belgium with the Jordan. That didn't happen but he finished on the podium for the third time of the season with once again a third place finish. Robby has overtaken Heinz-Harald Frentzen and Eddie Irvine in the drivers championship. This race weekend had a couple of surprises, since due to the changing weather, Ricardo Zonta took BAR's first ever victory and Johnny Herbert, who announced his retirement after this season, finished in second place. Robby enjoyed his race very much but declared that the changing weather definitely had a huge influence for his race as he told that he could have won the race if it didn't start raining right after he had made his only pitstop of the race. After all, Robby is more than happy with his third place as this advanced him to sixth in the drivers championship with only two Ferrari's, two McLaren's and one Williams ahead of him.
The Italian Grand Prix was quite a good weekend for the Jordan team. Robby managed to out qualify Heinz-Harald Frentzen for the second time of the season and he qualified on a career high 9th place, with Frentzen once again right behind him in 10th. The race was good, Robby had a great start and was already lying in 6th place in turn one. He overtook Villeneuve for fifth place and would later take over fourth from Ralf Schumacher. In the closing stages, Robby would lose the battle against Heinz-Harald Frentzen for the same fourth place and so Frentzen would finish fourth, Robby came in fifth and Pedro Diniz scored his second point of the year by finishing sixth. Rubens Barrichello took his second win of the season. Robby is 6th with 20 points with Frentzen only two points behind in 7th place. Jordan is, definitely with only three races to go, save enough to not finish lower than fourth in the constructors championship. Third place in the constructors championship is only possible in a theoretical way, so this can only happen when crazy circumstances do occur during one of the last races of the season. The first United States Grand Prix since 1991 is on the schedule, can Robby get another points or podium finish there?
The United States Grand Prix was a race with mixed feelings for Robby. He drove a good race but simply did not have the pace to put on a superb result. After all, he managed to finish in 8th place, only three places behind Frentzen who came in 5th. Frentzen's 5th place caused him to become the best Jordan driver in the driver standings again. Of course they do both have the same amount of points right now but Frentzen won a race, while Robby's best results are three third place finishes. The Japanese Grand Prix went a little better, as Robby did have enough pace to drive with the top guys. Sadly, Robby could not get more than a 6th place, after having a great battle with Michael Schumacher for 5th. Frentzen retired with a gearbox issue, which means Robby is back in 6th place with a 1 point advantage over his team mate. The final race in Malaysia was going to be a very important one. Jordan was only 4 points behind Williams, a couple of races ago the gap was slightly bigger and due to the reliability issues of the Jordan, it was seen as a gap which could only be closed in a theoretical way. In fact, both Williams cars retired in Malaysia and Frentzen retired as well. Robby drove a great race which would have been good enough to see him maybe finishing on the podium. But bad luck made a strike on the Dutchman as he went on to drive a little bit too hard when entering the pits, and you may guess what followed... Indeed, right! He got a stop/go penalty for the first time in his F1 career, since this there was a lot of frustration in his Jordan cockpit, he ultimately finished on a disappointing 16th place. Mika Hakkinen won his third straight championship, both Robby and Frentzen retained their 6th and 7th places in the driver standings and Jordan Mugen-Honda also remained to be fourth in the constructors championship.

An overview of Robby's results of this season:

Australia: 17th
Brazil: 14th
San Marino: 9th
Great Britain: 13th
Spain: 11th
Europe: 16th
Monaco: 3rd
Canada: 11th
France: 4th
Austria: 4th
Germany: 3rd
Hungary: 11th
Belgium: 3rd
Italy: 5th
United States: 8th
Japan: 6th
Malaysia: 16th

Robby is looking forward to the 2001 F1 season more than everyone else, because he has one goal left of the many which he had when he started his F1 career: Getting his first win. When his first win is there, a complete new amount of goals will follow which do of course include winning the world drivers championship. The EJ11 was very fast during the winter tests, Frentzen called it the best car which he ever drove in his career. Trulli, which remains to be the teams' test driver, thinks the team should be able to win at least a hand full of races. Robby was also very positive about the car, he said immediately after his first metres with the brand new Jordan car that it's more stable than the EJ10 and that it could make a huge difference when it comes to just finishing on the podium or winning a race.
The 2001 season started very rough for Jordan. After 4 races, the team is having 3 points. Frentzen managed to finish 5th at the opening round in Australia, while Robby finished in 6th place in Imola, and that after having to take a stop/go penalty because of a jump start. On the positive way, out of four races both Jordan drivers managed to finish in the top 10 three times. This means the EJ11 has 6 top 10 finishes out of 8 chances but still, after the superb winter tests, this season has to be considered as a disaster for the team so far. Instead of going upwards, Honda rival BAR and Sauber have overtaken them. Heinz-Harald Frentzen is not happy with the situation at all and so is Robby. But after all, the team remains to be positive for the next race on the schedule which is of course the Spanish Grand Prix at Circuit de Catalunya.
Robby didn't manage to finish in the points at both Circuit de Catalunya and A-1 Ring. He finished both races in 8th place but Heinz-Harald Frentzen managed to get the teams' first podium finish of the year, with getting a third place finish at the Spanish Grand Prix. Today, the F1 news is all about Robby, Robby and guess what? Robby indeed. And this all after the Monaco Grand Prix. You may ask why? Well, Robby has taken his first ever victory in F1 and he did it, like Olivier Panis at the great Monaco circuit. Robby still cannot believe that he has done it but he did it, and for Jordan it marked their first win since the season opener in 2000, which was of course won by Heinz-Harald Frentzen. Robby's win has brought him back to sixth place in the standings, where he indeed finished last season, at the moment he's sixth with 11 points, ahead of reigning champion Mika Hakkinen, who is due to reliability issues, still stuck at 7th place in the drivers championship at the moment. Jordan has moved up to 4th place in the constructors championship and it's most likely that they won't finish higher than that in this season, however it's going to be tough for them to keep Sauber and BAR behind if they keep to perform as inconsistent as they did in the first 6 races of the season. The goal to win the championship has been erased again, because the team knows that it is not going to happen this year. Still, the team is having a superb moment because their very talented Dutchman has taken his first ever victory and made the Jordan EJ11 a winner officially, something which Eddie Jordan already promised during the presentation of their new 2001 car but which came in doubt very much after the team came to Monaco with only three points finishes and one podium place. Robby is more than confident that this won't be his last win of the season, this could be the beginning of a Jordan team which is positive settled on all sides and which is going to make a tough on Ferrari, McLaren and Williams according to him. The most people do not believe in that last, but they definitely do believe that either he or Frentzen should finish on the podium regularly from now on. Something which Jordan fixed perfectly compared to last year has been their reliability. In fact, both Jordan cars managed to finish all 7 races without any form of problems with the gearbox or brakes.

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