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F1 2013
What do you think about F1 2013, your expectations after F1 2012 was a "flop"?
And do you want to buy it?

I think I will buy it as I only got F1 2010 and was really satisfied with it, also with the F1 2012 demo. It runned smooth even at my Laptop and I think it would be cool to play the newest F1 Season again.
I actually liked F1 2012 more than F1 2011 and 2010. Don't know why, I just liked it more. Didn't play it much though 'cause I played Simbin games more.

I just hope the gameplay is gonna be made more realistic, realistic damage, just more realistic all around.
I liked more F1 2010 and I still have it. Also I had developed a "mod" for using with low end PC's and laptops. I can do even further editing after a while.

I had maded a video:

My laptop specs are:
Intel GMA 4500M 64MB video
Intel Pentium T4400 2.2 GHz dual core

The lagg in the replay is just because of Fraps. The game is running without a single lagg. 8-)
George, Vettel is faster than you! Please do not be devil!
Now i'm playing in F1 2012, someone can tell me why in the test younger drivers, in Abu Dhabi, all the time i recive a puncture and the car stop? If not i won't be able to follow the test and to do a full career. :oops:
You have to continue after the puncture. Don't remember what happens exactly, but I had the same, continued, and finished it (I believe). As I said I don't know exactly 'cause it's been a while since I've last played F1 2012.
i tryied to do this, but all the time put me repeats and don't let me follow running Tongue
solved, i just had to press F11 before the puncture in the repeat, now i'm starting a new brand season in Toro Rosso and extrem difficult. Wink
For the 2013 the AI need to be better than the 2012

kers utilisation is linked with the green lights on the car steering Wheel

jerez track

pre season practise

and in multiplayer lan or online , have the Q1,Q2,Q3
I think the penalty system should be much different, without doing nothing in the starts they put you a penalty. When the other driver touch you and it's his fault, you also recive a penalty. It's practically impossible make a race without restart it, and when you are 7th doing a great race with Force India, Perez crash with you and I recive a drive-trought. To be honest I'm very tired of this game.

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