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Post meaningless notices about your life here..
When I compose a message i get this...

Compose message

We are sorry, but you are not authorised to use this feature. You may have just registered here and may need to participate more to be able to use this feature.

I don't understand the "may" it's sounds like it only may be the solution to my communication problem.

The World Wide Web, the ultimate in global communication.
It looks like you just haven't seen my reply Smile
fisicoF1 Wrote:We had to deal with a lot of spamming here just in the beginnings already, so we're using a double spam filter. Wink
You made 3 posts now, so you're able of all forms of communication you need. Anyways, we'll re-think the message restrictions, as they are indeed a bit unuseful. ;D
Initially, i did not like the new v6 turbo sounds,they were not loud enough.
But now i like the whistle of the mercedes turbo engine. Smile
KImi rules!
Going on vacation for next whole week (Sunday-Saturday) Big Grin
Universal motorsport fan, but always supports every driver and rider from Indonesia
Hey, my thread! Big Grin

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