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Ea f1 manager 2014 mod
And here is the 2014 mod of this great f1 manager game.!RFkmFbiA!_auY3JdAe ... Vn5KWWiYZE

Brand new 2014 mod with modified tracks ...Baghrein (ai ring) Singapore (imola) and Abu dhabi (nurnberring)
Baghrein and singapore are tracks made bij hector tealdi....Abu dhabi is modified by myself.
In the tracks folder is a folder named Shared textures.
If you want to play with dark tracks (singapore and abu dhabi) you leave the name of this folder right as it the other tracks rename the FOLDER ...Shared textures01... than you have you have a track with a bright sky.

The mod is a modified version of hector tealdi 2008 mod.

Greetz Sjaak
Thank You! It's awesome
bazzigo Wrote:Thank You! It's awesome

Thank you Bazzigo
Link werkt helaas niet meer
Hi Sjaak,

I couldn't download the file.

Please help.

Many thanks
Can't download either, the url appears broken. Can someone please repost the download. thx
can any one tell me what to do with rar file?

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