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How to influence mechanical failures?
I found it odd that in several mods cars just don't fail. 26 cars start and 26 finish the race if nobody crashes, even if mechanical failures are set to normal, time scaled or selected season, teh two possible mechanical failures are stallin g og running out of fuel. Pretty annoying...

I already tried to reduce the timespawn of some random parts of the car but without any success.

For example, in the engine.ini file I changed LifetimeAvg= to a minimal number on one car. It supposed to be in seconds but even with LifetimeVar= as a possible maximum it shouldn't be able to make it till the end of any race (max possible lifetime is 600 seconds, mere 10 minutes!!!), but the engine fails to fail.

Interestingly, unmodded cars which supposed to have better reliability according to the numbers fail every now and then.

What the hell is happening here???
In the RCD files you would have to put a percentage by every driver and rate 0% to 100% the probability of crash that could have this driver.

I know that, but crashing is not a mechanical failure...
sorry but the probability of crash in the RCD files aren't mechanical failures, is the probability when they will crash to another driver o.O
And yetl, you siggested to edit the driver RCD files, which have nothing to do with mechanical failures. Just as I said.

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