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Happy Birthday, R4S!
Happy Birthday, our small Babe Smile

It feels like just yesterday, thinking back of the foundation of R4S today exactly one year ago. Let’s sum it up what happened in this year.
  • 40.000 visitors in total.
    181 forum members, 313 threads, 2041 posts and daily posts.
    A league which runs it’s second season with 25 members and great feedback by the drivers.
    No critics up today Wink
    Functionable downloads and the largest existing databases for EA Sports F1 game series.
    Only six site break-downs which were in total not longer then 4 hours!
    The whole Race4Sim team just want to say “thanks!” for a great and nice first year! We’re really looking forward to the second year of R4S.

And as we’ve got something to celebrate and want to say ‘thanks’ not only by saying ‘thanks’ we’ve worked quite a lot on the page. Here are some summed up new features:
  • new forum design
    new homepage design
    new FTP-links
    reworked thumbnails and file descriptions
    new download icons

That was of course not all, these are just minor changes. You should keep an eye on the mayor changes that will come soon!
We all are going into another year full of excitement and fun, let’s hope it will be as good as this year!
Kind regards,

the R4S team
haunetal1990 - fisicoF1 - lexieboy - Carlos12295cf - Mart1n

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