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AI Performance on 2007GG
Hello guys.

I've recently started playing the 2007GG mod, and i noticed that some driver's are WAY out of the pace on qualifying.

When i do qualifying sessions, i don't skip the session at all, i always fast forward so i get more realistic results. The problem is that if i do that with 2007GG, some weird stuff happens, like Kimi Raikkonen and Massa always classifying in 10 ~ 20.

If i skip the session the results are pretty reasonable, with the Ferrari and McLaren drivers usually on top 4. But fast forwarding always leave the Ferrari way down the grid.

Since i have very little knowled on modding, i'd like to ask if there is anything i could do to remedy this situation? I'm thinking about changing engine.ini for Ferrari but i dunno which values should i use and etc.

Tips would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
Well, my workaround was copying the engine.ini from McLaren to Ferrari.
That made them equally competitive and the rest of the season was ok ;]

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