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.GEN File editing for quality
Hello guys, This is Prithvi_92. I wanted to know about the editing of the .Gen files to achieve maximum quality of the cars. Even though I run everything at max the cars when viewed from a far distance looks crappy. I would really appreciate your help.

Thank you.
Hi! If u look the gen files u can see <low> med high max and (I mean original F1C gen, in some mods it can be different) <1234>va.mts then vb, vc, vd. the vb, vc and vd files are lower polygon mts files used at the increase of distance: lodin and lodout indicates the distance range where we can see that file.

So u can replace each vb, vc, vd mts with the va one in 2 different ways:
- replace the letter into the gen file:
- extract the <1234>va.mts from the (or each) team.mas to the team folder and rename as vb, vc, vd. Then reimport into the mas or not.

Another way should be increase the va distance into the gen file and reduce the vb, vc, vd range.
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