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[GTR2] Prototypes SCC v2.49 Open Beta released
Yesterday davehenrie released the open beta 2.49 version of the legendary SCC mod for GTR2.

But first, what is SCC?

SCC is a mod that already existed for almighty F1 Challenge 99-02, maybe even longer. Converted over the years into several different racing games it truely became a legend in Mod history (more or less not in modding history, however Tongue )
It got the aim to cover all Prototype cars (car like raced in Le Mans) from 1995 onwards up today, but the main focus is on the 99-09 decade.

Where to get that stuff?
It's still a beta, so officialy it's not out there yet, but whoever wants to get their hands on this awesome stuff already: ... p?t=322653

First impression?
Holy cow, that stuff is amazing. Had a race at 2003 Spa with the 2001 ALMS cars (added some GTs manually) - it was awesome! 57 cars in ONE race! Started from P57 in a P900 car of course, finished on P20, just below the other P900 cars, but in an amazing battle with the GTs and P675s!

Seriously, even GTR2 is outdated now and the download needs around a whole life, this is definetly worth it.

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