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International Formula Series 3 v0.9 by Mak-Corp

Mak-Corp released today this excellent mod for rF2 which can be rated of an excellent work. Big Grin
I recently tested the cars in several tracks and you will enjoy a lot if you like these kind of cars. To get the full sense, better race with no AIDS. Wink
Current version: 0.9

Download link updated: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... -Downloads</a><!-- m -->

Post #1 updated to v0.8 version.

Like I did with other mods, I would like to give my valoration here. After testing several laps in many different tracks like Silverstone, Botniaring, Spa-Francorchamps, I concluded the next:

The car graphic aspect is absolutely brilliant, the 3D car counts with many triangles which give many quality. This 3D is in the style of the F308 which get an amazing realism. The custom skins are very well done, not only with a very cleaned lines and HQ liveries, the high-res details like carbon fibre on front/rear wing or chassis are also included. About physics aspect is what I would like to give the biggest mention. Perhaps I never drove a real car in this style, I must say it is very enjoyable to drive, it has a similar performance in what I could realize watching these cars, and the no-aids options make the car very hard to control and it suposes a huge challenge to drive it. In the sounds, we don't have to deceive, the engine is volkswagen, so don't expect these engines sounds like the current Toyota F3 engines.

So, why should I recommend you this mod? Do you want to play a fun/realistic car? You have here the answer. We know that a mod can be fun/boring perhaps physics are done with real or no real data. I could mention several F3 mods that the conduction was boring in my opinion but of course I won't do it. But don't get wrong, some of the specs you have to know is the car power, 200 HP instead of the 230/256 HP of some F3 cars. This mod doesn't pretend to be a copy of a real F3, it pretends to be an own competition, where you can enjoy in the same way. So personally I must congratulate to everyone in this group participated on the mod, Petros Mak, Koen Calleyl, Doug Parker, Derek Nye, Stephen Young and José Torruella.

The overall rating in my opinion would be the next:

3D: 10
2D: 9
Physics: 9,2
Sounds: 9
Mod immersion: 9,8

Total note: 9,4

Post #1 Updated at 0.9 version

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